Kandima launches D.I.V.E., Maldives first fully immersive virtual platform

Let’s face it; how we live, work and travel may never be the same again.

The team at Kandima Maldives believes in continuous innovation and is working super hard to meet the new normal head on and bring you extraordinary experiences that are playful, different and fresh. To them, change is a good thing!

“Kandima Maldives has been the first mover in terms of new and innovative lifestyle experiences in the destination, D.I.V.E. is yet another remarkable virtual platform that will help our trade partners to be future ready,” General Manager Brett Castleman said.

Many of you are missing the Maldives’ crystal clear waters, so today Kandima is launching its totally immersive, state-of-the-art virtual platform — Kandima D.I.V.E (Digitally Immersive Virtual Experiences).

Looking to plan your next romantic escape, or downtime with family, or an adventure with friends?

D.I.V.E. gives you a little taste what you are in for and lets you reimagine your favourite tropical paradise with just the click of a button.

All you need to do is sit back and relax in the comfort of your home. Kandima will take you to its snow white beaches, dip your feet into clear blue waters, let you sunbathe on the deck of your water villa or soak in the amazing vibes at all the cool places around the resort.

Explore the exotic three-kilometre-long island as the Kandima team tells you their story. Seeing is believing!

So, want to join the Kandima team on a D.I.V.E.? Simply visit Kandima.com/dive and take an exciting digital plunge into the amazing world of everything at Kandima.

Traditional brochures or pamphlets are no longer needed – D.I.V.E is a multi-sensory journey through an interactive 360° virtual world that takes customer engagement to a whole new level.

D.I.V.E. is available for viewing on any device including VR headsets, desktops, smartphones or tablets, with a multi-dimensional sound experience as you swim through the paradisiacal island.

Too much already? Wait, there is more!

D.I.V.E helps Kandima’s trade partners to be better equipped through immersive training where we can educate their staff by providing them an in-depth and interactive experience or the resort, helping them visualise the property better for effective sales.

With D.I.V.E, Kandima takes site inspections to a new level with guided group tours where you can explore the resort’s rooms and restaurants in 360° views, ask questions in real-time and get feedback on the spot while still in a virtual tour. Kandima makes sure that no presentation is boring and adds some magic in all its experiences.

“Our partners can experience and conduct the virtual tours remotely throughout the property. They not only navigate through the resort showcasing an immersive 360°view, but also have a fully interactive session with an ability to see the host and converse with everyone joined on the virtual tour. We want to equip our partners to be able to offer a ‘never seen before’ 360° immersive experience of the outstanding amenities to their clients,” Castleman said.

“As we prepare to welcome back our guests to the New Maldives, at Kandima — ‘what you see is what you get’, with real visuals and walk-throughs from different experiences or decks across the resort.”

Located on a lush tropical island in Dhaalu atoll, Kandima offers a choice of 266 stylishly designed studios and villas, with 11 different categories to choose from, all of which have a private terrace and endless tropical views to enjoy.

The five-star resort has first class infrastructure, boasting one of the largest pools in the Maldives, tennis courts, an art studio, a marine biology school, a kids club, a game room, a library, a gym, a yoga studio and a spa.

The island also offers one of the largest selection of F&B outlets in the country, with an incredible choice of 10 restaurants and bars, all featuring unique and individual menus offering flavours of the world from Chinese and Japanese to authentic Maldivian and Mediterranean.

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