The Spa at Baros Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – From the moment guests pass through the doors of the Spa at Baros Maldives and follow the stepping stones across the calming flowing water feature, the Spa Consultants will gently guide them through a healing spa experience which will leave them feeling refreshed, whether from the long journey to Baros Maldives or from a day of adventure in the islands.

The Spa Consultants devise a series of treatments especially to suit individual guests’ needs and desires.

The Spa at Baros Maldives offers a full selection of stretch, ayurvedic, and foot massages; cleansing scrubs; nourishing wraps; rejuvenating facials; manicures and pedicures; and personalised waxing services.

Treatments are designed to relieve stress while powerful botanical ingredients deliver the promised results. Knowledgeable staff are always present to recommend therapies for specific concerns.

The four large luxurious treatment rooms are hidden within the lush foliage of the spa garden. The outside showers allow you to feel the velvet tropical air on your skin as you shower. As for the mind and spirit also private yoga and meditation sessions are offered.

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