Maldives invites Guardiola for golf holiday

Maldives has extended an invitation to Pep Guardiola for a round of golf after the Manchester City boss mistakenly said the popular Indian Ocean holiday destination lacked a golf course.

Asked this week whether he would ever take charge of City’s fierce rivals, Manchester United, Guardiola said: “After training City I will never train them; I would not train [Real] Madrid [after Barcelona]. I’d be in the Maldives if I don’t have any offers. Maybe not the Maldives because it doesn’t have any golf courses.”

The country’s official tourism promotion body took to Twitter on Wednesday to tell the celebrated football coach that the Maldives does in fact have some of the most idyllic golf courses in the world.

“Hi Pep Guardiola! We are delighted to hear that you are interested to spend a holiday in #Maldives and would like to invite you over for a game of #golf in one of the golf courses in Maldives,” the tweet by Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) read.

Guardialo is not new to the Maldives, having spent the last English Premier League season break in the island nation as well. But his characterisation that the Maldives doesn’t have golf courses is not right.

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