Coconut Water, a Drink From Heaven

Also known as Cocos Nucifera, roughly translated to “nut bearing monkey face”, the coconut is a fruit of the coconut palm. The tropical islands of Maldives provide the optimum conditions for this extremely salt tolerant palm tree to flourish and bear fresh fruit. Its shell is used for ornamental uses and its white fleshy “meat” with lots fiber, is a tasty delicacy among Maldivians. However the coconut water is most popular for both its sweet taste that leaves you craving for more and its health benefits.

Coconut water, as a natural isotonic beverage consisting of the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood, it is also called the fluid of life. Biologically pure and full of natural sugars, Salts, and vitamins, coconut water gives you health while keeping you safe from fatigue and exhaustion.

Widely consumed among Maldivians the coconut water is available where ever you go, from the busy cities to the far off islands of Maldives. With its slight almond flavor, the water is consumed fresh from the fruit. Once it is exposed to air the liquid begins to ferment and it rapidly loses its nutritional characteristics.

With lesser fats and no cholesterol at all, the coconut water is healthier and more nutritious than both whole milk and orange juice. Due to its high potassium content and the presence of antioxidants, coconut water is linked to many health benefits. As coconut water contains Lauric acid, which is present in breast milk, coconut water can also be used as a natural alternative to processed milk.

About 100 grams of Coconut water contains 95.5 percent water, 0.05 percent Nitrogen, 0.56 percent Phosphoric acid, 0.25 percent Potassium, 0.69 percent Calcium oxide, and 0.59 percent Magnesium oxide. Statistics show that coconut water has more potassium than energy drinks while it provides natural sugars instead of altered sugars present in most energy drinks.

With its rich composition coconut water is considered a “universal donor” as coconut water is known to have saved many soldiers’ lives. During earlier wars it was used as an intravenous solution to prolong life on the battlefield when intravenous solutions were in short supply.

With its short term hydrating power, as the hydration power of around 10 oz of coconut water is equal to that of a liter of water, coconut water can also be used as a natural remedy for hangovers. Moreover coconut water is also known to be effective in dissolving kidney stones, and in stimulating and strengthening the reproductive functions of the body.

Coconut water is also used by many celebrities and models to remain evermore youthful and beautiful. It is also considered a healthy drink that can help you loose weight. It is also good for the skin and assists in preventing skin disorders.

With palm trees lining the soft sandy beaches of the tropical islands of Maldives, the tropical fruit and its water is abundant and offers you the bliss of relaxing on a beach, sipping the fluid of paradise as you indulge yourselves in the passions of life.

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