Remedies of Breathing in the Maldives


A tourist relaxes as she takes a bath at Conrad Maldive Rangali Island resort. Many spas and resorts utilize the seawater to reduce the tension and stress of the muscles, they also use it to detoxify the skin and improve circulation.

Nestled like pearls in the sparkling and vast waters of the Indian Ocean, with its magnificent natural beauty and blissful beaches, Maldives has become popular among travelers from all over the world, looking for a quiet place to rest and relax their bodies and minds. However, the incomparably crystal clear lagoons and the breathtakingly rich flora and fauna of its islands are not the only source of inspiration provided by these tiny island.

The seawater that makes up about 99 percent of the country and the sea breeze that sweeps over its tiny islands also provide healing and multiple health benefits to both the mind and the body. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, discovered the therapeutic qualities of seawater by noticing the healing effects it had on the injured hands of fishermen. The seawater not only restricted infection risks, but patients who followed treatments involving the use of seawater found that it also promoted pain relief.

Through history the ocean has been thought of as a therapeutic, boundless reservoir of remedies. The ancient Greeks soaked themselves in seawater and warm seaweed baths, while they inhaled salt water vapors. While drinking large quantities of seawater without a physicians consultation may have adverse effects, currently spas and resorts utilize the seawater to reduce the tension and stress of the muscles, they also use it to detoxify the skin and improve circulation.

With many of the vital elements necessary for a healthy body, such as vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, and amino acids, seawater has a very similar composition as our blood plasma. Seawater with its rich content has been said to relieve acute asthma, regulate the acidity of the cells, and boost the level of mood regulators.

Living near the beach exposes you to these optimum conditions where you unknowingly inhale the salty sea air while your skin is constantly being nursed by it. The Maldivian islands offer you the ultimate and perfect opportunity to experience and feel the remedies of seawater. As inhaling is one of the most effective method of delivering most substances to the blood stream, products such as salt air inhalers have emerged. Salt air is said to be very helpful for respiratory problems caused by pollen and other allergies, infections and asthma, while it is also known to prevent dehydration.

In a world in transition where industries that highly contribute to the pollution of air and water are growing, salt air can provide you with the cleansing effect that can keep your lungs healthy and your minds relaxed and calm. Surfers and those involved in water sports agree that the salty spray of sea water in the air, that they constantly inhale, is indeed a natural treatment that brings you natural respiratory relief.

While modern medicines are a vital part of living a healthy life, seawater and sea air with their salty benefits provide a more natural means of experiencing the healing power of nature. While you watch in awe the astounding sunsets, you can feel the soft white sand of its beaches massage your feet. As you breathe in, the fresh salty sea air you feel overwhelmed by the solace of what you experience at Maldives beneath the tall palm trees swaying with the wind.

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