Maldives TV, the first global channel of the Maldives launched at WTM London – Maldives TV, the first global channel of the Maldives, has been launched at the World Travel Market London 2016 by His Excellency Ahmed Shiaan, Ambassador of Maldives to the United Kingdom.

Maldives TV is the first international channel telecasted from Maldives, and is an initiative of the state broadcaster Public Service Media (PSM). The channel will focus on the leisure and travel industry in the Maldives, and include up-to-date information on tourist resorts, liveaboards, and budget accommodation across the country, as well as travel planning advise, informative programs on the culture, lifestyle and history of the island archipelago, as well as promotional events in the country. It will be an essential guide to visiting the Maldives!


Breathtaking images of the tropical paradise will be supplemented by attractive holiday package information, details of luxury resort properties, tour operators and travel agency contacts. Planning your dream holiday to the world’s premier “sun, sea and sand” destination has never been easier! Sitting in the comfort of your living rooms, all aspects of your Maldives visit can be done initiated with a simple click. The channel will include an application for use on the go, and feature multiple languages.

From luxury to budget travelers, the channel will offer unprecedented advertising options for Maldives tourism promotion, as well as a global social media platform for marketing and promotional work.

Maldives TV is the new gateway for promoting one of the leading tourism destinations of the world.

You can view Maldives TV online at .

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