MATATO to introduce exclusive insurance scheme

One&Only Reethi Rah – Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, MATATO has announced that, they are developing a financial protection scheme for the tourism sector, specialized for local Travel Agents and Tour Operators, in accordance with the best practices of International Travel Industry.

Maldives is a celebrated destination with more than one million visitors a year, and about one fourth of the market is shared by local agents and operators. The growth and expansion of Maldivian Travel Agents and Travel Operators, demand adaptation to soaring standards of the wider international travel market, which requires implementation of proper regulations and practices, that will ensure that the interests of travelers, hoteliers and the travel agents are protected.

As part of MATATO’s continued efforts to establish a robust and opportune platform for members and prospective partners, the insurance scheme in development will offer financial protection for travel industry which will cover for the liabilities of the travel agent, the hotelier complying to international standards of travel operations, and thus, provide the travelers with guarantee that their holiday purchases are well protected, with assurance of fair compensation in cases of mishaps related to travel arrangements. The introduction of this financial protection scheme will not only leverage the image of Maldivian Travel Industry, it will also give MATATO members an exclusive and a more reputed position in the relatively dense and competitive travel market.

MATATO also reiterated on the importance revising the laws and regulations that concern the Travel Industry, which is imperative to meet the standards demanded by leading international travel markets, which dominate our supply of travelers.

With this initiative MATATO intends to elevate the standard of local travel management industry, by providing members with features and benefits which will give them a better presentation in the international travel markets.

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