Kurumba Maldives renovates Orchid Nursery Garden

Kurumba MaldivesKurumba Maldives Orchid Nursery Garden has been broadened and decorated in local tropical style.

A significant change in the renovation is the constructed fountain in the center surrounded by lush flowers and plants. Patrons will be enamored by the increased in variety of traditional orchid plants, additional greenery and the water feature.

Orchid are elegant flowers; graceful in appearance attracts immense attention, their reputation as an exotic an unusual flower evokes a sense of refinement and innocence. Despite their versatility, there is something distinctly exotic about orchids. They are an intricately beautiful everyday flower and are considered to be one of the world’s most evolved flowers to specialists. Orchids can impart a wide variety of messages, but today, the meaning of orchids is generally regarded as a symbol of rare and delicate beauty.

The Orchid Garden at Kurumba, emphasizes a venue of solitude, a place of tranquil and serenity.

Horticulturist and Garden Manager, Upul Kumara, commented that the Orchid Nursery “is completely natural and uses coir rope, bamboo and a pond with a waterfall has been used a centre piece of the garden. This will definitely be a new attraction to all our guests and not only that, the space will be suitable for a romantic dinner, a private yoga session or a relaxing stroll.” 

He added that in nature, orchids have humid environments with near-constant air circulation. The water pond not only adds beauty, but also helps take care of the orchids. For those who have enjoyed the nursery in the past, we are sure the renovation will be greatly welcomed.

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