Taste the real Maldives at The Beach House at Iruveli

Maldives Promotion House – Take a chance to taste the real Maldives. Spend valuable time preparing the renowned Ban’bu keyo lee bai, Lonu mirus, Rihakuru adhi Valhoa mas (Bread Fruit in Rice accompanied with Local Chili Paste, Fish Extracts and Smoked Tuna) and so much more. At the Beach House at Iruveli Maldives, we thrive to provide our guests with culturally enriched experiences to give them an appreciation of the Maldivian flavors and spirit.

Resort’s Maldivian Chef, Naxxa, shares his love of cooking and his grandmother’s recipes every Thursday morning at Medium Rare. He will teach you how to make a local soup, curry, chapatti and delicious desserts that you will then savor in the true Maldivian style. Traditional dishes in the Maldives include local produce such as grains, rhizomes, coconut and lots of fish. You will greatly appreciate coconut to soften the spiciness of certain dishes!

While ancestors used to measure by hand or coconut shell, Naxxa will provide you with a fully detailed cooking book so that you can impress your own guests upon returning home. You are invited to join for an amazing interactive dining experience, and taste the best food in the Maldives!

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