W Maldives Brings in the London Beats Duo

Maldives Promotion House – Surprisingly enough, it actually starts with your feet. You’re sitting down at a table, making small talk with your friends and before you know it, your fingers are moving. Then your hands slowly start drumming on the table. You start feeling hazy, and then the energy hits you. Just as you’re about to realise the motion of your head, the rhythms envelop you. The beats muffle out the voices of the excited crowd, and you lose control of your entire body. The flashing disco lights blind you, and you slip off your seat and the dance floor becomes the only world you exist in.

It is a very unique kind of music that can do that to you. Every DJ can’t do that, and every party can’t bring out that side of you that no one knew existed. But here are two DJs who can. Hailing from two very different parts of the world, DJ Klaus from Brazil and Ameet ‘El Bongo’ Jugnauth from the Mauritius are famously known as the London Beats. I was lucky enough to experience their vibes during their performance for the guests at W Retreat & Spa Maldives, earlier this week.

With a unique combination of traditional club DJ and raw live music, London Beats is one of London’s top act responsible for some of the wildest and craziest performances. The pair have played all over the world with a host of celebrity DJs and stars including Pete Tong, Shakira, Hot Chip and Bob Sinclair. Besides their London based residencies in Eclipse Bar and Boujis nightclubs, the duo also take London Beats abroad with regular performances at W Barcelona and W Doha. They have also performed in Taipei, St Petersburg, Barcelona, Doha, Hong Kong, Miami, and now Maldives

A DJ since 17, DJ Klaus spent half of his childhood in Brazil. He explained, “For me the whole DJ thing actually came from Brazil. My cousin was a DJ and that’s how I got into DJ. I did a lot of clubs in Brazil and then I moved to UK. Then back in London I did this gig in a club. The owners of the club also owned a couple of bars in London. So in 2008 for the 10th anniversary in one of the bars called Eclipse, they asked me to play.”

“Apparently Eclipse also had a guy who played percussion there. I had never heard of him or met him. So I was doing my set and he turned up, because he was going to play anyway. And the place just went wild, and I thought ‘wow’ this is actually pretty cool. So we ended up doing another gig together, and Eclipse wanted to use more DJs on the weekends so we started off playing regularly every Friday,” Klaus told me the story of how London Beats came to be.

“It was very unique and different because eclipse was very much a bar than a club, and unlike Europe, in London they’re both very different places. Klaus was very well known for what he was doing in the clubs and I was very well known for what I was doing in the bar. There were a lot of people who wanted to see the two of us come together. Everyone would talk about it, but they never really put us together until that day,” Ameet added.

In October 2009 when W Barcelona opened with an Eclipse bar, part owned by the W Brand, the duo was once again called to perform during the launch. That would be their first trip together and also the beginning of what is now known as London Beats. While most people would think that London beats started in London, it actually started in Barcelona. What kicked off as a theme night was named as London Beats to define where the beats of the duo come from.

The uniqueness and the sheer beauty of their performances, that has mesmerised audiences from all over the world, come from deep within their persona. “What we are actually trying to create is that fusion of live music and the DJ vibe. It’s a risky mix, because it either works really well, or it doesn’t work at all. And for us, the crowd speaks success,” says Ameet. “W has got a very strong brand so it’s relatively the same in every destination, but what’s interesting is that, it’s always a different crowd. Because the people are different, and that is our challenge.”

What DJ Klaus and Ameet ‘El Bongo’ Jugnauth performs is not just art. It’s not just music. It’s not just rhythms either. It goes far deeper than that. It mixes with the very essence of our inner child. The tunes reverberate through our body and mind and linger around us. It brings out the children in us, once again opening the flood gates to the innocence of youth. For a moment, everything stops, and the beats disappear into the night, along with the worries and stress of responsibilities. And all that is left is the floor, the lights and the energy that flows.

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