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5 grant recipients of JOALI Sustainability Fund announced



As a leading luxury hospitality and lifestyle brand with two award-winning islands in the Maldives – JOALI Maldives and JOALI BEING – the JOALI brand is committed to safeguarding the local communities and environments in which they operate through sustainable practices, regenerative travel and responsible tourism. Part of these ongoing efforts include the JOALI Sustainability Fund initiative which was announced in early 2023 and pledges to support locally-led projects carried out in Raa Atoll (where both JOALI properties are located) that demonstrate sustainability and have the potential to create a lasting impact.

“Ever since our arrival in the Maldives, we have woven every aspect of our culture and strategy around the promise of ‘responsible luxury,’ taking ownership of and managing our own impact on the environment while promoting ecological resilience,” said Esin Güral Argat, founder of JOALI. “We are extremely proud of the meaningful changes we have been able to create during our journey and look forward to continuing this important work which includes supporting local projects such as the ones we’ve chosen to fund.”

After receiving many deserving applications, the JOALI Sustainability Fund has announced it will be granting a total of $15,000 to five projects that demonstrated their efforts and plans to impact their local communities across four focus areas: safeguarding the planet, fostering wellbeing, creating platforms for women, and nurturing ethical consumption.

The five JOALI Sustainability Fund grant recipients are:

  1. Rasmaadhoo School – “Green for a Healthier Life”: To promote healthier and sustainable options for the local community where nutrient foods and vegetables are scarce, JOALI will fund the school’s project to create a hydroponic vegetable garden. As part of the project, the school will also distribute seeds and plants to the community to encourage additional farming as well as develop a separate compost-making unit to support further cultivation outside of hydroponics.
  2. Ungoofaaru School – “Inclusive Education”: As one of the oldest and largest schools in the Maldives with almost 500 students ranging from Kindergarten to 10th Grade (ages 4-16), JOALI will fund the school’s Special Educational Needs (SEN) Programme which is in need of classroom materials and resources to better create a conducive learning environment for students with special needs. The project further aims to develop strategies and practices that accommodate the diverse needs of all students, including those with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment where students can better develop their academic, social, and personal skills to become responsible and productive members of society.
  3. Hulhudhuffaaru School – “Fostering the Youth”: Providing education from pre-school to 12th Grade to more than 350 students for over 25 years, JOALI will fund a project to help students learn embroidery and stitching as a new skill to generate income for their families. After receiving a special training, students will be able to create various hand-woven cloth bags to be sold around the island. The income from these bags will help students kick-start their own businesses, while also teaching them a new skill.
  4. Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital – “Dental Radiovisiography”: A tertiary care hospital in the Maldives serving a third of the local population, the Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital offers a full range of inpatient, outpatient and community-based health care services. With a guiding ethos to improve the health of its local community and steward the resources entrusted to them, JOALI will purchase a digital radiography system that will provide higher-resolution images and enable faster communication between doctor and patient. These images can also be stored in a digital format for future reference, and retrieval in case of any follow-up procedures.
  5. Dhuvaafaru Zuvaanunge Jammiyya – “Joy of Empowering Women by Farming”: As one of the most active local not-for-profit organisations, the Dhuvaafaru Zuvaanunge Jammiyya has been one of the leading contributors in developing the island, working with local councils, schools and health sectors to implement various programs focusing on the importance of coral reefs, safeguarding the environment, health education, and more. As one of the recipients of the JOALI Sustainability Fund, the Dhuvaafaru Zuvaanunge Jammiyya looks forward to expanding its work further to enhance the environmental and socio-economic growth of the community. The project proposes introducing a hydroponic system that is both easy to maintain and less labor-intensive in growing crops. The vegetables will then be sold to the local community where profits will be split between the household and NGO which will reinvest the money to further expand the agricultural sector. This introduction of this project will also be complemented with training and awareness to educate the community on nutrition and the importance of a balanced healthy diet through home gardening and self-sustenance. The nursery will not only be used as a training centre but also as a laboratory to test new technologies and varieties and to germinate the crops. Lastly, as the island is predominantly a fishing community taking most of the men away from their homes, this grant will also support women who currently have very few income-earning opportunities and provide them with economic incentives and education surrounding self-sustainability and nutrition.

For more information about the JOALI Sustainability Fund and the brand’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, please visit For further details and booking, please visit


‘Get Charged and Win’ promotion: Four draws, countless winners, more to go



The ‘Get Charged and Win’ promotion, which launched with great fanfare on June 23, continues to captivate audiences across the nation with its promise of incredible prizes and adrenaline-pumping excitement. As Coca-Cola moves forward, the company has announced not one, but four draws that have rewarded lucky winners with exciting prizes!

The ‘Get Charged and Win’ promotion has been a huge success, with dozens of lucky winners taking home amazing prizes, such as Benelli motorbikes, helmets, and Charged drink cases. The promotion, which started on June 23, has been attracting customers from all over the Maldives, who have been enjoying the refreshing taste of Charged caffeinated beverage and the thrill of scratching their cards to reveal their codes.

So far, four draws have taken place, each one broadcasted live on Television Maldives (TVM) at 9:30pm. The winners of the Benelli motorbikes were Mohamed Adam, MD Musharraf, Mohamed Rasel Hossain and Ahmed Zahir who were ecstatic to receive their prizes and thanked Charged for making their dreams come true. The winners of the helmets and drink cases were also delighted with their rewards and encouraged others to join the promotion.

But don’t worry if you haven’t won yet, because there are still more chances to win! The ‘Get Charged and Win’ promotion is not over yet. That means you still have time to grab your favourite Charged drink, scratch your card, and send your code to 2626 via SMS.

As the exciting journey continues, there are two main draws left in this thrilling event, scheduled for September 24 and October 20. You could be the next lucky winner of a Benelli Leoncino 250 motorbike! But the excitement doesn’t stop there; be sure to keep an eye out for the daily draws, with winners announced regularly on the @ChargedMaldives Instagram page. You could stand a chance to win a Charged branded helmet, or a Charged drink case.

Charged, a ground-breaking addition to Coca-Cola Maldives’ beverage portfolio, is available in 250 ml, in 100% recyclable aluminium cans, in line with our packaging strategy to use 100% recyclable packaging material. The caffeinated beverage is now widely available at major retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, and cafes throughout the Maldives.

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SeaTheChange on International Coastal Clean-up Day: Coca-Cola Maldives, MOPA make waves in ensuring ‘Trash Free Seas’



On September 16, 2023, millions of volunteers around the world will join the International Coastal Clean-up Day, a global movement to remove trash from beaches and waterways. But for Male’ Aerated Water Company (Coca-Cola Maldives), the local bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company, and its partner, Maldives Ocean Plastics Alliance (MOPA), every day is a coastal clean-up day, and an opportunity to reducing ocean plastics to create ‘Trash Free Seas’ as signified by the International Coastal Clean-up Day.

Coca-Cola Maldives in association with MOPA, has been implementing various projects since 2021 to collect and recycle PET plastic bottles, which are 100% recyclable and versatile. Through these projects, Coca-Cola Maldives has collected over 200,000 kgs of PET bottles in the past two and a half years, preventing them from ending up in landfills or the ocean – a response that aligns with International Coastal Clean-up Day’s goal of ‘Trash Free Seas’.

The projects are part of Coca-Cola Maldives’ commitment to sustainability and aligns with The Coca-Cola Company’s global strategy of creating a World Without Waste. The company aims to collect and recycle a bottle or can for each one it sells before 2030 and make 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025. It also strives to use at least 50% recycled material in its packaging by 2030.

Coca-Cola Maldives and MOPA are working together on three major projects that aim to create a circular economy for plastic and to clean up our oceans, so that all those that live in the ocean can #SeaTheChange.

“MOPA is proud to partner with Coca-Cola Maldives in addressing the growing problem of plastic waste pollution in our country, and join the global International Coastal Clean-up Day’s message of ‘Trash Free Seas’. We believe in working with manufacturers, importers, retailers, consumers, tapping into corporate social responsibility initiatives to safeguard our pristine environment,” MOPA’s Founder and Chairman Thoriq Ibrahim said.

The first project is the Reverse PET Collection Project, which involves collecting PET bottles from Male, the capital city of Maldives, the adjoining city Hulhumale and the southernmost Addu city, and transporting them abroad for recycling. Since the project’s launch in 2021, it has collected about 150,000 Kgs of waste until the first half of 2023. The project also provides income generation opportunities for local waste collectors and transporters.

The second project is the Island PET Collection Project, which covers 4 inhabited islands across multiple atolls in Maldives. The project collects PET bottles from households, shops, schools and other sources and sends them to Male’ for further processing. It has resulted in the collection of 60,000 Kgs of waste in the first six months of this year. The project also raises awareness among island communities about the importance of proper waste management and recycling.

The third and newest project is the Resort PET Collection Project, which targets the tourism sector in Maldives. The project collects PET bottles from resorts located in several atolls including Shaviyani and Noonu in the north, Kaafu in the central region, and Dhaalu and Addu in the south, and sends them to Male for recycling. Since its launch in December 2021, it has resulted in the recovery of about 7,500 Kgs of waste until the end of Q2 2023. The project also encourages resorts and guesthouses to adopt better waste management practices to ensure that the Maldives’ oceans are free from trash.

Giving a boost to these collection initiatives, MOPA recently inaugurated the first Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the Maldives. MRFs play a crucial role in waste management, recycling PET plastic, and promoting a circular economy by reducing waste, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and extending the life of recyclable materials. The MOPA MRF, was funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, is located in Hulhumale Phase 2 and is equipped with machinery for sorting, baling, and exporting PET plastic waste for recycling. It also contributes to community employment opportunities and awareness initiatives.

“Maldives is taking significant strides towards a cleaner, greener future. As the state-owned waste management company, we take our responsibility to support PET collection initiatives by producers like Coca-Cola and organisations like MOPA that support the global call for Trash Free Seas. We believe that such collection initiatives are not just about recycling; they are about redefining our commitment to sustainability and safeguarding our pristine environment,” adds Yoosuf Siraj, Managing Director of Waste Management Corporation Limited (WAMCO).

By partnering with local stakeholders such as island councils, resorts and guesthouses, Coca-Cola Maldives and MOPA are also creating value for society and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. The projects provide income opportunities to local people, especially women and youth, who are involved in collecting, sorting and transporting PET bottles. The projects also educate people about the benefits of recycling and inspires them to take action for a cleaner and greener future.

As the world celebrates International Coastal Clean-up Day 2023, Coca-Cola Maldives and MOPA invite everyone to join their efforts to #SeaTheChange during and after the International Coastal Clean-up Day and ensure ‘Trash Free Seas’.

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Atmosphere Foundation supports island bamboo park



In a collaborative effort, R. Rasgetheemu Island Council has embarked on the development of a bamboo park with the invaluable assistance of Atmosphere Foundation.

The island council’s commitment to this project is evidenced by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Atmosphere Foundation. As part of the initiative, a total of 40 bamboo trees have already been planted on the island, with plans to plant an additional 360 bamboo trees in the near future.

Hussain Ibrahim, Secretary General at Rasgetheemu Island Council, shared insights on Wednesday, revealing that the council has set an ambitious timeline to complete the planting of all trees within the coming month.

In addition to the bamboo park, the council has also devised plans to introduce bamboo trees to state office premises and the uninhabited areas of the island.

The collaborative partnership with Atmosphere Foundation extends beyond Rasgetheemu Island. The foundation has pledged its support for the establishment of bamboo parks in four other islands, underscoring its dedication to fostering sustainable environmental initiatives.

Separately, the Ministry of Environment initiated a project in March, joining hands with Atmosphere Foundation to plant bamboo trees across the Maldives. The project aligns with the national objective of achieving carbon neutrality.

As part of this venture, Atmosphere Foundation has generously donated 500 bamboo seedlings to the government. Half of these seedlings were allocated to the Ministry of Environment, with the remaining 250 designated for the Ministry of Agriculture. These ministries will oversee the distribution of seedlings to the outer atolls and industrial islands, amplifying the impact of the initiative.

To ensure the optimal effectiveness of bamboo planting, Atmosphere Foundation is collaborating with Dr Bharati Nambi, an esteemed Indian agricultural scientist.

As a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, Atmosphere Foundation is committed to uplifting the Maldivian communities. The foundation’s multifaceted approach encompasses supporting existing charities and voluntary services, facilitating civic engagement and community development, as well as promoting education and training through sponsorships and organised efforts.

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