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Embracing sustainable travel and wellness: A path to conscious exploration



In recent years, the world has witnessed a remarkable shift in the way people approach travel. With a growing concern for the environment and personal well-being, the concept of sustainable travel and wellness has emerged as a transformative trend in the tourism industry. This column explores the importance of this emerging trend and highlights how tourists and families can adopt responsible behavior to make a positive impact while enjoying their journeys.

Sustainable tourism involves minimizing the environmental impact of tourism, supporting local economies and communities, and visiting lesser-known destinations. Its practices include conserving energy and water, serving local and seasonal food, managing waste responsibly, and making conscious choices as a traveler.

You might be familiar with terms like “green travel,” “green tourism,” “ecotourism,” “ethical tourism,” “responsible travel,” and others that are similar. However, these concepts go beyond simple actions such as reusing hotel towels or taking a reusable water bottle when going out.

The Significance of Sustainable Travel and Wellness

  • Sustainable travel and wellness encompass a holistic approach that considers the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet. It acknowledges the interconnectedness of human health, natural ecosystems, and local cultures. By embracing this concept, travelers contribute to the preservation of fragile environments, support local economies, and promote a more ethical and inclusive tourism industry.

The need for sustainable travel and wellness arises from the consequences of unsustainable tourism practices witnessed in the past. Communities neglected or suffering due to tourism development, as well as ecological disasters caused by unchecked human activities, serve as stark reminders of the importance of prioritizing sustainability.

  • Learning from Past Mistakes
  • Below are frequent issues and responses to them:
  • Water conservation: minimizing the impact of tourism on local water supplies;
  • Pollution reduction: saying no to single-use plastics in travel;
  • Supporting local communities: preserving economy, culture, and community;
  • Carbon footprint reduction: traveling slow and sustainable;
  • Protecting ocean health: being mindful of marine environments.

Responsible Tourism Behaviors:

To truly embrace the essence of sustainable travel and wellness, tourists and families should adopt the following responsible behaviors:

Mindful Destination Selection:

Choose destinations that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Look for eco-certifications, sustainable tourism initiatives, and local conservation efforts. Opt for places that value their cultural heritage and implement responsible tourism practices.

Support Local Economies:

Engage in responsible consumption by supporting local businesses, including accommodations, restaurants, and tour operators. By doing so, you contribute directly to the well-being of local communities while fostering economic growth that benefits both residents and visitors.

Minimize Environmental Footprint:

Reduce your ecological impact by practicing eco-friendly habits such as using reusable water bottles, minimizing plastic waste, and opting for public transportation or eco-friendly modes of travel whenever possible. Respect the natural surroundings, adhere to designated trails, and avoid activities that harm wildlife or ecosystems.

Embrace Cultural Respect:

Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions by respecting local customs, traditions, and etiquette. Educate yourself about the cultural heritage of the destination and interact respectfully with local communities, valuing their perspectives and ways of life.

Engage in Meaningful Experiences:

Seek out authentic experiences that allow for personal growth and connection. Engage in sustainable tourism activities such as volunteering for community projects, participating in cultural exchanges, or learning about local conservation efforts. These experiences not only benefit the destination but also provide a deeper understanding of the issues faced by local communities.

Spread Awareness:

Share your experiences and knowledge about sustainable travel and wellness with others. Through social media, blog posts, or conversations, inspire and educate fellow travelers on the importance of responsible tourism. Encourage them to make conscious choices that promote positive change.

Travel companies increasingly engage more ambassadors to promote sustainable travel initiatives, and rightly so. For example, Kammui, a nature-experience platform in Japan, reinvented the idea of travel for nature enthusiasts offering 200+ guided experiences from meditation to sport adventures in wilderness.

Sustainable travel and wellness represent a transformative shift in the tourism industry, emphasizing the need for responsible practices that benefit both travelers and the destinations they visit. By adopting mindful behaviors and supporting sustainable initiatives, tourists and families can contribute to the preservation of ecosystems, cultures, and the well-being of local communities. Let us embrace this emerging trend, leaving a positive impact on the places we explore, and nurturing a more sustainable and harmonious future for generations to come.


Sheraton Maldives welcomes World Tourism Day 2023 in a vibrant cultural celeberation



Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa has announced its celebration of World Tourism Day which falls on September 27th, 2023. This year, the resort is taking the festivities to a whole new level, embracing the rich tapestry of global culture, and living the brand as the world’s gathering place.

The day will kick off with a tranquil morning meditation session led by Dr. Abhi, taking place on the private island of Shine Spa for Sheraton. This mindful beginning sets the tone for a day filled with exploration and celebration of diverse cultures. The excitement continues with a Cultural Meet & Greet, where the associates will be donning traditional costumes representing their respective nationalities, complete with beautifully painted faces. This visually captivating display is a symbol of the unity in diversity that defines the resort’s spirit.

As the day unfolds, guests can look forward to a range of exciting activities, including an energizing dance water aerobics and a cocktail competition that promises to tickle your taste buds. In the afternoon, Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa invites their esteemed guests to join their signature Adopt A Coral program led by in-house Marine Biologist, Kate Sheridan. This activity demonstrates the resort’s continuous commitment to the preservation of our corals and reefs.

At nearly sundown, the Anchorage Bar will come alive with the rhythmic beats and movements of traditional dances from India, Bali, Sri Lanka, and Africa and conclude with a captivating Maldivian dance and music. As the celebration goes on, the resort cooks up authentic dishes from around the world to satisfy everyone’s cravings, making this a cultural journey that transcends borders.

“World Tourism Day is a momentous occasion for us at Sheraton Maldives. It embodies our core values of where the world comes together celebrating cultures from around the globe,” Mohamed El Aghoury, General Manager of Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa shared. “We invite you to join us on September 27th, as we enrich our togetherness and contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected world.”

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Create unforgettable memories this Saudi National Day at Le Méridien Maldives Resort



With Saudi National Day approaching, Le Méridien Maldives Resort & Spa is the perfect destination for families seeking an idyllic getaway. Nestled in the heart of the mesmerising Maldives, the resort offers an exquisite blend of luxury, privacy, and family-friendly experiences, making it the ideal haven to create beautiful memories.

Embracing the spirit of togetherness, Le Méridien Maldives Resort & Spa caters to the preferences of its Saudi guests, with spacious two-bedroom villas that provide enough room for families to bond and enjoy precious time together. The private villas offer breathtaking views of the azure Indian Ocean, ensuring a backdrop of natural splendour for every moment spent together.

For more luxury and exclusivity, guests can choose to stay at the Thilamaafushi Villa. This sumptuous three-bedroom villa with private pool offers the epitome of comfort and allows families to unwind and savour the beauty of their surroundings. With a focus on intimacy, this villa is designed to create special moments that will be treasured forever.

To delight every palate, Le Méridien Maldives Resort & Spa offers tailored culinary experiences to provide a delectable array of dining options for its guests travelling from Saudi.

Their Half-Board Escape takes guests on a journey of culinary discovery with specialties that bring to life the spirit of the archipelago, while the All-Inclusive Indulgence offers innovative tastes and homegrown flavours.

For Saudi National Day, Le Méridien Maldives Resort & Spa invites its guests to embark on an unforgettable journey that promises luxury, privacy, and connection.

To know more about the Half-Board Escape, click here. To have more information on the All-Inclusive Indulgence, please visit

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This festive season get ready, set and glow at Kandima Maldives



Kandima Maldives, the game-changing island resort known for its fun-packed holiday and family-friendly offerings, has announced a lineup of anything but ordinary festive activities to celebrate the holiday season this year. Get ready for a glow up with the highly-anticipated “Holoworld,” which will transform the tropikal paradise into an iridescent dreamscape, glistening with holographic marvels and a kaleidoscope of colours!

Keeping with the island resort’s playful spirit, Holoworld is a dazzling carnival that blends fantasy with reality, which will run for two weeks from the 22nd of December, 2023 to the 7th of January, 2024. Whether you are an adventure-seeker looking for a blast, or a relaxation lover looking for an epic holiday with no fuss, expect nothing short of true escapism in this paradisical wonderland! From captivating light installations, music performances, sensational beach parties, to art fiesta and a glamourous New Year’s Eve Gala, guests of all ages will experience a joy-filled and unforgettable getaway.

An array of activities awaits at Kandima, starting with a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony leading up to Santa’s arrival on Christmas Day. Get creative after Boxing Day with innovative art sessions learning the string art from the experts of Fann Art Thérapie, to the opportunity of making your own one-of-a-kind art piece with unique stitching and threading techniques. In the evening, join the rest of the crowd and get grooving in enthralling themed parties with musical entertainment and global hits.

Ready, set bake! Roll up your sleeves with the little ones and enjoy Holoworld’s Merry Little Pizza Bake. Assemble your little chefs and let them take charge of rolling out the pizza dough, spreading the sauce, and sprinkling their favourite toppings, all whilst mixing in some festive fun. Indulge your sweet tooth at the annual Kandy Kane Hunt and Gingerbread Cookie Party and loosen up in an energising Snowball Fight at Kandiland to revive frosty spirits at home.

Another highlight of the festive celebrations is the annual KULA Festival, which will involve an extensive art exhibition, engaging workshops and the Art Run. Part of the KULA Art initiative, a global pioneering movement that the resort is leading to champion local artistic talents, it is a creative journey that provides everyone with the chance to get crafty and active amid hues of rainbow.

Enjoy a mouthwatering outdoor buffet with steamy steaks and grilled dishes on New Year’s Eve at SMOKED and wake up to an eclectic Asian brunch buffet spread to kick off the first week of 2024 at Sea Dragon!

Throughout the festive period, Kandima will be the ultimate destination for music aficionados and entertainment enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable escape. Guests can look forward to a diverse range of performances by renowned DJs and artists, all against the backdrop of breathtaking ocean views and pristine beaches.

Kandima has curated an itinerary of talent spanning various musical realms to suit every tase. Let the laidback acoustic duo, K’Twins, take you over the moon with their magical voices. Groove on the dance floor to acoustic party tunes with Kaylee and be wowed by Martina’s anything-but-ordinary musical performance. And that’s just the beginning! D2 Entertainment invites you to a special glow party and dance the night away to the foot-tapping live music of global hits with the ALGRS.

The Holoworld festival at Kandima is not just an event; it is a journey into a world of music, art, and culture, where the magic of the Maldives meets the beats of the global stage. Get ready to dance, unwind, and celebrate the festive season like never before!

For more information on Kandima’s Holoworld Festivities and the full line-up, you can visit the event page here and check out the Holoworld programme here.

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