Vela Private Island Maldives reopens

The luxury Velaa private island in the Maldives reopened to guests on September 15 following a summer-long renovation that refreshes the resort, bringing a new look to public spaces, villas and the resort’s extensive leisure facilities.

A series of exciting events will mark the resort’s grand anniversary in December, marking the ninth anniversary of the resort’s opening in one of the world’s most idyllic destinations, the ultimate island in the spectacular Noonu Atoll vacation spot.

From music to health, food to festivals, paradise in the Maldives will welcome guests with unique activities for all ages over the next few months.

In October, structural integration therapist and practitioner Thomas Andersen will visit Velaa to provide professional counseling and therapy to clients. Bringing his unique treatment modality, called Rolfing, he will focus on private sessions addressing integrative scar regeneration efforts and bone rearrangement treatments.

To celebrate Halloween, a group of mysterious fire-breathing dragons will nest on the island, getting ready for a fun-filled family celebration.

Scottish diva KT Tunstall, known for her unique brand of rock, will perform in the breathtaking setting of Athiri Beach in Velaa in an exciting new show on the resort’s shores.

Along with Velaa’s own talented chef Gaushan, some of the world’s top chefs will be visiting this upcoming season to provide an unforgettable “four-hands” dining experience at the resort known for its culinary excellence. Guest chefs include French master Maxime Gilbert, Jordy Navarra from the Philippines and rising Asian star Natsuko Shoji.

The year 2022 will culminate in a dizzying series of festive festivities, as well as the biggest anniversary celebration to date.

In addition to an exciting schedule of events, guests will soon be able to revel in the resort’s new beach bar and yoga and Pilates studios, both of which will open in December.

Wayne Milgate, general manager of Velaa Private Island, said: “We can’t wait to open our doors again for this exciting season. We have curated a diverse range of events to appeal to visitors of all tastes and ages, and continue to welcome those enjoying the Absolutely breathtaking destination for tourists looking for something unique at the same time.”

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