The Fisherman’s Market of Holiday Inn Kandooma

Maldives Promotion House – Most resorts provide you with a calm environment where all you can do is relax, with more or less the activities almost the same at every other resort. Chances are you’ve already experienced them or they just don’t click with you. But there are those islands where they pride in a very different kind of entertainment. It’s usually those little things deviating from the conventional wisdom that makes you say, ‘wow’. If you’re desperate for that wow factor, or if you’re counting on turning your holiday into something that will linger on in your memory, Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives is one of best places for you.

It’s a tiny island nestled in the South Malé Atoll, conveniently a mere 40 minutes away from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, via speed boat. What makes Kandooma exciting isn’t the fact that it is are surrounded by world class dive sites and surf points, it’s the stunning activities they have in store for you. Spread out over the week, the vibrant activities fashioned to keep you entertained also makes sure that you will end each day of your holiday in a new and mesmerising way.

The Fisherman’s Market

One of those experiences that you shouldn’t miss is the Fisherman’s Market. Held on every Wednesday evening, throughout the year, Kandooma offers you a unique chance to experience the freshest fish possible at their imitation of the local fish market. In their Bokkuraa Coffee Club turned into an elaborate fish market with fishnets and fisher folk, you get to indulge on prime Maldivian fish, elaborate salads and an eclectic selection of starters and desserts.

If you’re more into hunting for your own food, join their chefs for a relaxing evening of night fishing, after which they will sear your catch to perfection on their charcoal grills. Most importantly, the Fisherman’s Market isn’t just for fish lovers, they offer a whole range of seafood varieties ranging from jumbo prawns and red crabs to a giant three metre Marlin.

And the best part? Well, you get to test you fishing skills, thrill your taste buds and savour the delicacies, all for USD 69++ per person. Meal Plan guests also get a 20 percent discount and if you’re not the fishing type, you can just feast for USD 57++ per person. So why wait? Go on, head to Kandooma, hit the Fish Market, grab a crab, pull back the outer shell, pluck off the legs, crack open the carapace, and feast on the snow-white hunks of glistening, succulent meat. And yes, it’s that tasty, I’ve tried.

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