Visit Maldives hosts fam trips targeting Brazil market

Visit Maldives has commenced a series of familiarisation trips targeting the Brazilian market to promote the Maldives as a safe haven for travellers.

The first two influencers arrived in the Maldives on July 10 and the remaining influencers will arrive in the coming weeks. This is notably the first fam trip and the first activity by Visit Maldives specifically for the Brazilian market, this year.

The infuencers will be hosted by Huvafen Fushi, Velassaru Maldives, Taj Hotels, Kandima Maldives, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, and Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives, where they can enjoy experiences such as spa facilities, wellness activities, tasting signature cuisines, snorkelling, water sports, and other exclusive experiences unique to the properties.

During their stay, different properties will host each set of influencers, providing them an opportunity to explore and showcase the exciting experiences offered by each property.

Influencers will share their experiences through their social media accounts contributing to the goal of strengthening our market presence in Brazil.

Activities highlighting the Romantic Side of Life, as well as dive adventures will be carried out to attract the high-end dive travel market of Brazil.

The combination of the fam trips in this series is expected to reach an audience of over three million followers on different social media platforms. It is in line with the Visit Maldives’ strategies to promote the products of the destination and maintain the destination presence for this market.

Other activities in the pipeline for the Brazil market this year such as joint marketing promotions with online tour operators, virtual fairs and digital media campaigns.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, steady growth has been observed from the Brazil market market, ending the year 2020 with 5,494 arrivals ranking as the 24th source market of tourist arrivals.

As of May, 5,558 arrivals were recorded from this market, ranking 16th for the year. For 2021, the Brazil market is a prime focus due to the indicating signs of economic growth, market trends, and the notable increase in popularity of Maldives in the Brazil Market before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tourism industry of the Maldives has shown remarkable resilience in the face of Covid-19, welcoming a total of 555,494 travellers in 2020 and over over 500,000 tourists so far this year.

The commencement of a nationwide vaccination programme increased flight connections, and the gradual opening of major markets, provide Visit Maldives the opportunity to further promote the destination with global campaigns in association with key stakeholders in the industry.

The administration of the Covid-19 vaccine was initiated on February 1 with the government of Maldives aiming to provide free Covid-19 vaccines to all citizens and residents of the country in the upcoming months.

As of July 3, 317,316 people in the Maldives have received the first dose of the vaccine with 192,321 receiving the second dose.

Over 90 per cent of the workers in the tourism industry of the Maldives have also been administered the first dose of the vaccine with over 70 per cent receiving the second dose. The initiation of the vaccination drive is bound to offer hope to the local population, as well as ensure the safety of tourists.

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