Visit Maldives hosts top journalists from India

Visit Maldives hosts key journalists from the Indian market to promote Maldives as a safe haven for travellers and to showcase the unique experiences that are available in the Maldives to the Indian audience.

This is the first media familiarisation trip from Indian market this year, as part of the current marketing activities to keep the destination presence across pan India.

The journalist will stay in Maldives from February 21-26.

The top media team consists of editors and senior correspondents from The Pioneer, Sunday Guardian, ET Travel World, TMM Magazine and Sputnik News which has a huge readership and circulation base in the Indian market.

The team is hosted by Kagi Maldives and Emerald Maldives.

Journalists will experience signature cuisines, wellness and spa offerings that are unique to each property, along with fishing and watersports activities.

These experiences will be covered and published by the individual journalists, and properties will benefit from a wide range of media coverage.

As India is the second largest market in terms of the arrivals to the Maldives, Visit Maldives is continuously conducting various marketing activities to maintain destination presence and promote Maldives as a safe haven for Indian travellers.

Apart from the familiarisation trips, several high impact campaigns on both offline and online platforms are in the pipeline such as participating in travel trade fairs, educational webinars and roadshows.

Along with great connectivity from India, Visit Maldives aims to increase the arrivals from Indian market to pre pre-pandemic level with high impact promotional activities.

The tourism industry is recovering gradually; on February 14, Maldives recorded a total of 4,856 tourist arrivals in a single day.

Additionally, to ensure the safety for all tourists and the citizens, Maldives has commenced Covid-19 vaccination programme and it is anticipated that the Covid-19 cases will decrease gradually, in turn increasing the confidence travellers have in Maldives.

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