A Tropical Welcome To 2012

Maldives Promotion House – For some 2011 is already old news, while for others the enticing after tastes of success and achievement still lingers on. For the hospitality industry of Maldives, 2011 was an extremely fruitful year.

A handful of new luxury resorts have popped up all over the nation and existing resorts have grabbed major international awards. With the appointment of Baa Atoll as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the international community has also embraced the elegance and the fragility of the natural wonders of Maldives.

Despite the turmoil and the busy bustling of the world, Maldives has remained a most popular and luxurious destination as celebrities and the rich continue to flock to the country. While the markets have shifted and the tourist arrivals have increased a substantial amount, luxury airlines have also turned their focus towards the tiny island nation.

Maldives has also begun to travel towards a most unconventional yet green and a more environmental policy. Nevertheless, with the rising waves of innovative technology and development, ranging from artificial island golf courses to floating hotels, Maldives has also begun to invite methods never before seen anywhere in the world.

Beyond any hint of doubt Maldives has proved itself a unique, a most welcoming and a most hospitable paradise. So as the sun kisses the soft sandy beaches and lights up the crystal clear waters, and as we move away from 2011 and into a whole new year, we wish travellers and hoteliers alike, a very happy new year. We at Maldives Promotion House also hope 2012 will be, in all ways, a much more fruitful year. Wherever life leads you from here, the future is always yours to make.

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