Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives to host vegetarian week in Jan 2020

Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives has announced plans to host its first JUST VEG Week in January 2020.

From January 20-26, Italian Chef Fabrizio Marino, who is known for haute vegetarian cuisine, and Pankaj Walia, Chef of Atmosphere Kanifushi, invite guests to experience a very unique vegetarian experience at the resort.

Chef Fabrizio Marino has had a brilliant career in Italian natural haute cuisine and recently opened his own brand new restaurant, Ristorante Maggese in San Miniato/Pisa. He has worked for many years with well-known Chef Pietro Leemann, who gained the first Michelin star for a vegetarian restaurant in 2015.

Fabrizio is known for a fun, rhythmic and playful table that offers a continuous exchange of traditional and modern food; dishes with luxury simplicity surprise with unexpected and unusual flavours. His journey took him through many countries worldwide, where he discovered the haute vegetarian cuisine.

“For me, JUST VEG is an incredible restaurant in the Maldives, with a different, joyful and experimental cuisine and culture. A vegetarian gastronomical heart, in the middle of the Indian Ocean,” says Fabrizio was quoted in a statement, as saying.

Together with the team of JUST VEG at Atmosphere Kanifushi, he will create a thrilling gastronomic week, based on traditional and exotic ingredients, that will offer guests of the Maldivian resort a unique vegetarian experience.

This is a glimpse of the menu that will be served during the first JUST VEG Week at Atmosphere Kanifushi:

  • “Forest Butter”: Avocado marinated with smoked lentil sauce, Breton salt fried pepper, lemon and sugar cane crystals
  • Pacha mama”: “it’s time to listen to the Great Mother!” Three creamy pate and three fluffy sauces with varied tastes tied to the earth, Maldivian cucumber salad and almond curry

“Normally we don’t have Michelin stars in the Maldives, but for one week, we do – and that too with one of the top chefs for vegetarian cuisine! This will be so exciting for our guests but also for us,” Chef Pankja said, announcing the first JUST VEG Week at Atmosphere Kanifushi.

This exciting culinary is in line with Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts’ philosophy, ‘The Joy of Giving’, and is included the generous Platinum Plus Plan — it will be available to all guests staying at the resort!

Atmosphere Kanifushi was one step ahead of the curve, opening the Maldives’ first purely vegetarian restaurant, JUST VEG, in 2013. Atmosphere Kanifushi offers all guests The Platinum Plus Plan – a uniquely crafted all-encompassing five-star holiday plan – where guests enjoy the best wines and bubbles of the world, a variety of culinary experiences, activities and excursions, as well as exclusive services and amenities in some of the largest entry-level beach villas in the Maldives.

Atmosphere’s first property, Atmosphere Kanifushi, opened its doors in December 2013. The group opened its second property, OBLU by Atmosphere at Helengeli, in November 2015; followed by their flagship ‘Lifestyle Luxury’ sub-brand, OZEN by Atmosphere, in July 2016; and then OBLU Select at Sangeli, which opened in July 2018.

The newest addition to the portfolio, VARU by Atmosphere, offering a naturally Maldivian experience, is due to open in October 2019.

Atmosphere offers guest-centric resort experiences through unique resort plans, offering guests a range of all-encompassing experiences, with varieties of dining options as well as a number of complimentary amenities and activities that ensure a relaxed, hassle-free holiday experience at each resort, all the while staying true to the brand’s core philosophy: ‘The Joy of Giving’.

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