Submission deadline extended for Adventures of Maldives video competition

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has extended the submission deadline for the second edition of the Adventures of Maldives (Dhivehi Aahitha) video competition.

In a statement, MMPRC said the deadline has been extended till December 27, due to popular demand by both locals and tourists.

Launched last year, the Adventures of Maldives competition is a co-promotional marketing activity aimed at showcasing personally shot video stories of locals and tourists engaging in adventurous activities in Maldives. The videos are expected to have positive promotional value to the Maldives as a tourism destination.

The theme of the competition covers conventional adventure related activities carried out in the Maldives such as scuba diving, island excursions, festivals, free diving, surfing, snorkelling and water sports. Any unconventional adventure related activities that take place in the Maldives are also considered.

Co-sponsored by Euro Store under the Red Bull brand and Tech Street, this year’s edition of the Adventures of Maldives competition was launched in October.

Winners will receive over MVR 120,000 in prize money, while the top 10 videos will be featured on the official Visit Maldives social and online media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The videos will also be shown at international travel trade fairs.

The inaugural edition of the competition, which was held between October and November 2017, received 46 submissions, with the most popular video getting over 80k videos on Facebook. An independent panel shortlisted and judged the videos that received the most likes and views before selecting the winner and the top 10 videos. The top finalist was awarded MVR 100,000 as prize money.

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