Scotland Helps Maldives Pursue Carbon Neutrality

Maldives Promotion House – According to reports Scotland recently carried out a study looking into ways in which Maldives can be assisted to develop and maintain the marine energy potential of the country. The study aims to implement the eco-friendly technology in order to create the world’s first carbon neutral nation by the end of 2020.

While the study was carried out by the Center for Understanding Sustainable Practice at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, it focuses on the possible ways in which marine energy can be harnessed in Maldives. While idea of using renewable energy in Maldives is widely supported, the study takes in to accord both the technological and the social economic dimensions of deploying marine renewable energy in the country.

The Scottish Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Stewart Stevenson, said that Scotland is once again making a big difference in the developing world, by helping Maldives achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral within a period of 10 years. He also said that Scottish low-carbon expertise will be invaluable as Maldives faces the challenges of climate change.

Stevenson also noted that Scotland is already a leader in research, deployment, and development of marine energy and that Scotland holds a quarter of Europe’s wave potential. Currently the marine energy industry is seeing huge advances in the skills and expertise required to harness the power of the seas. He is confident that there will be further opportunities for international research collaborations to take place.

The director of the Center for Understanding Sustainable Practice at Robert Gordon University, Alan Owen, said that it has been a very exciting experience to share so many years of experience in marine energy with the Maldives.

The chief executive of Scottish European Green Energy Center, Chris Bronsdon, said that, due to the support from his agency and the Robert Gordon University, it can be confirmed that there is a potential for marine energy to be helpful in fighting off climate change. This kind of renewable energy can be used to help the Maldives Government achieve its goal of being completely carbon neutral by 2020.

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