Scotland Agrees to Support Maldives with Marine Energy Partnership

Maldives Promotion House – Scotland recently agreed to support Maldives in developing its remarkable potential in marine energy.

According to Scotland, they will study the wave, tidal and ocean thermal energy in the Maldives to establish the full extent of the potential. The research will be lead by Robert Gordon University. After collating the information, the countries will begin developing the Country’s systems to take advantage of the potential marine energy available.

With the help of the partnership, Maldives hopes to become carbon neutral by 2020. This will mean the Maldives will significantly rely on marine energy as a provider in its supply of energy with an eventual aim of being a solely low-carbon energy country in an attempt to be carbon neutral.

“Scotland is making a big difference for a small country. The Maldives aims to be carbon neutral within 10 years and this study will use our low carbon expertise to help the Maldives meet the challenges of climate change,” Energy Minister of Scotland, Jim Mather said.

“This study, to be led by Robert Gordon University, is a most effective way to help the Maldives and let Scotland play its part in the urgent global need to move to a low carbon economy?” he added.

“This partnership with Scotland will help the Maldives attain its goal of being the world’s first carbon neutral country by 2020. The Maldives is highly vulnerable to increases in the oil price, over which we have no control. Finding renewable energy solutions is essential for our future economic development and prosperity,” Maldivian Minister, Mohamed Aslam said.

“If the Maldives can demonstrate that low carbon development is not just practical but also profitable, we hope larger countries will follow suit?” he said.

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