Maldives to Construct Two New Airports and Resorts

Maldives Promotion House – The government recently assigned two companies to construct two new airports, on Gaaf Alif Kooddu and Gaaf Dhaal Maavarulu.

While the construction of the airport on Gaaf Alif Kooddu was assigned to a Singapore company, Bonaventure, the construction of the airport on Gaaf Dhaal Maavarulu was assigned to a local company, Moving International.

The Managing Director of Bonaventure, Andrew, and the Managing Director of Moving International, Ahmed Zahir, signed the agreements with Tourism Minister Dr. Maryam Zulfa and Transport Minister Adil Saleem.

Both the companies were also granted two uninhabited islands for a period of 50 years to develop into tourist resorts. Moving International was assigned Gaaf Alif Kodaanahutta, and Bonaventure was assigned Gaaf Alif Dhigurah.

The construction of these new airports will produce more employment and will further develop tourism in the area.

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