India To Operate Ferry Line To Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – Ever wondered how it would feel to take a trip to the Maldives on a ferry? Forget about the hustles and jetlags of travelling on a plane, spend a few hours at sea before you enjoy the warm waters of Maldives. Well, this dream is not too farfetched.

The governments of India and Maldives are now considering starting a sea route facility to the smallest country in the region. While the main purpose of this is to boost tourism to Maldives the passenger line will run either from Cochin port or the Tuticorin port.

“We are examining the projects. We are in discussion with the Maldives government on the modalities for a ferry service and development of ports for trade and tourism,” Secretary of the Shipping Ministry of India, K Mohandas said.

An Indian delegation led by the secretary, shipping, along with chairpersons of Cochin and Tuticorin Port Trust, an official from DG Shipping and Shipping Corporation of India is currently visiting the Maldives.

While the sea route to the Maldives is expected to give you a long 30 hours of sea breeze, the cost of such a voyage is yet to be announced. Indian government officials will visit the ports as well as the Maldives to understand the demand and the economic viability of the project.

As for the security of the route, Indian officials have guaranteed that the Indian Navy gurds the area very well. “The Indian Navy has been guarding the area very well ever since. Security will not be an issue,” Mohandas said.

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