Lime Spa at NIYAMA introduces Intraceuticals to the Maldives for flawless skin

Lime Spa, NIYAMA – Continuing a tradition of trailblazing experiences for guests, NIYAMA, a Per AQUUM Resort is the first and only property in Maldives to offer the hyaluronic oxygen treatment by Australian brand Intraceuticals. Since its launch in 2002, Intraceuticals has become the must-have treatment of celebrities and beauty enthusiasts around the globe.

A choice five treatments, Rejuvenate, Opulence, Atoxlene, Clarity and Booster Series see immediate results whereby the skin and lips become visibly plumped and smoothed, and the facial contours more defined. Customers worldwide are convinced by the safe, non-invasive, comfortable and result-oriented Intraceuticals skin care regime. The effects of the treatment can last up to five days.

Revolutionary for oxygen treatments, Intraceuticals uses a machine that applies oxygen under pressure to deliver a special serum of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides to the skin. The unique technology and specially formulated procedure of an Intraceuticals Treatment leaves skin looking noticeably brighter, firmer and more flawless immediately following the treatment. Depending on individual skin types, treatments can also be focused to address concerns such as wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation or blemishes.

Intraceuticals is the only professional skin care regime to apply pressurized, therapeutic-grade oxygen, in addition to targeted serums directly to the skin – and with this unique technology, provide a never-before-seen level of results. Delivering instant visible results with no down time, it has become the best choice for guests who have skin concerns and are looking for effective solutions while spending time relaxing on holiday.

A full range of Intraceuticals treatments and products are available at NIYAMA. Adventurous, passionate and edgy, LIME Spa features eight luxurious treatment rooms including two signature Spa Sanctuaries both of which are surrounded by the island’s lush shrub life and six over ocean treatment rooms that look out onto the lagoon.

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