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The Night Spa at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa wins “Spa Treatment of the Year” at Asiaspa Awards



Night Spa, Four Seasons – The Night Spa’s open-air lunar rituals have been recognized as Spa Treatment of the Year at the 10th annual AsiaSpa Awards: a category that invites entries from spas and hotels across the whole Asia region, irrespective of size, location or wellness approach.

“We are incredibly proud of this accolade,” comments Sanju Upadhyay, Spa Manager at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa. “The Night Spa is a unique must-do experience that the team has worked very hard to perfect. Guests sail to our private Island Spa for a lunar-inspired ritual under the Maldivian night sky. It really is quite magical.”

AsiaSpa Awards is fast establishing itself as the region’s benchmark for spa quality and innovation – reputed for transparency and objectivity in recognizing properties that “push the boundaries and advance the industry.”

Pioneering “after dark” treatments, The Island Spa becomes The Night Spa between 10:00 pm and 12:30 am every evening.  Far from a standard in-room treatment, each open-air lunar ritual is a unique experience unto itself.

Night Spa, Four Seasons

The Night Spa Treatment Journey

Guests are encouraged to book a “treatment-corresponding” Night Spa meal in the restaurant or their villa prior to be being collected from their villa by a member of The Night Spa team. The uniquely devised menu (billed extra) features healthy dishes designed to restore and revitalize the body in preparation for the ritual, from a pre-appetizer beetroot, apple, watermelon and honey health juice to a grilled fish main and coconut sorbet dessert.

Presented with a flower garland, guests are then escorted from their villa to a private dhoni to sail across the Resort’s lagoon.  On arrival at The Night Spa, they are greeted in the torch-lit lounge with a welcome drink by their therapist, then directed to an open-air pavilion on the Spa’s private, starlit beach.

Devised in conjunction with Sodashi to attune the body with nature’s purest rhythms, each treatment combines the magic and mysteries of the infinite night sky with therapeutic-grade extracts, essences and techniques.  Guests are invited to choose one of four 150-minute rituals – corresponding to the moon’s four phases.  While each ritual can be enjoyed at any time, selecting a treatment in its linked lunar phase enhances its health benefits.

  • REFLECT eliminates toxins, balances emotions and facilitates renewal during the New Moon.
  • NOURISH provides strength and rejuvenation during the Waxing Moon.
  • HARMONISE calms, restores and synchronizes the body’s rhythms during the Full Moon.
  • RELEASE luxuriously cleanses and purifies the body and mind during the Waning Moon.

Each ritual begins and ends with a singing bowl healing energy session. Massage oils are selected to balance guests’ zodiac sign with the massages and scrubs designed according to the current moon’s phase. Extending the immersive experience, ritual-specific drinks and snacks are served after the treatment and a gift awaits guests on arrival back in their room.


Laura Pagano Elevates Wellness and Creativity at Oaga Art Resort



Laura’s remarkable journey with Oaga Art Resort began long before the resort’s doors swung open to guests. As the Spa Manager, she wielded significant influence in shaping the unique identity of Hoba Spa. Collaborating closely with Hoba Spa’s Consultant and Maldivian Healer, Aishath Zulfishan (Xubba), Laura fused traditional Maldivian healing practices with her own expertise in modern spa therapies. Her dedication to crafting personalized wellness experiences and nurturing her team’s growth has fostered an environment where creativity and innovation flourish, perfectly aligning with Oaga’s philosophy of organic community growth.

Beyond the confines of the spa, Laura’s impact reaches far and wide. When presented with the opportunity to revitalize the resort’s Fiyoh Kids’ Club, she embraced the challenge with her characteristic passion and initiative. Her commitment to creating an engaging and enriching space for children, coupled with her innate ability to connect with people of all ages, made her the ideal candidate to oversee both the Hoba Spa and Fiyoh Kids’ Club in her newly appointed role as SHY Manager.

“Laura epitomizes the spirit of Oaga,” remarked Manal Nashid, Director at Oaga. “Her capacity to engage with guests, inspire her team, and curate transformative wellness experiences is truly exceptional. This promotion not only recognizes her talent but also celebrates her unwavering dedication to our community and her commitment to nurturing the wellbeing of every individual who crosses our threshold.”

With Laura steering the ship, Oaga Art Resort embarks on a new chapter of holistic harmony. Her vision for the SHY department promises to interweave spa therapies, movement practices, and mindful living, creating a tapestry of wellbeing tailored to the diverse needs of guests. Laura’s dedication extends even to the island’s resident feline inhabitants, as she cares for the island cats residing near the spa lobby area.

For aficionados of the Maldives seeking an unparalleled all-inclusive getaway, Oaga Art Resort’s Greatest All-Inclusive plan redefines the boundaries of luxury. Offering a plethora of inclusions such as Creative Expression (art) classes, Take Notes (music) experiences, In-Villa Dining, floating meals, a variety of excursions, motorized watersports, and much more, Oaga promises an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss your chance to book your stay; visit the website,, today!

Nestled in North Malé Atoll, Oaga Art Resort is a mere 45-minute speedboat ride from Malé International Airport. Boasting 60 villas with beach and overwater options, five dining venues, and a spa steeped in traditional Maldivian healing practices, Oaga Art Resort offers an immersive experience curated by local and visiting artists and craftsmen from the Maldives.

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JOALI BEING introduces new spa brand, JOALI BEING Cure



JOALI BEING has introduced a spa brand, with JOALI Maldives. The newly launched brand, JOALI BEING Cure, will bring the award-winning “weightlessness” philosophy of the first wellbeing island in the Maldives, offering its expert service and curated line of products.

Designed around the signature Four Pillars: Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy, JOALI BEING Cure is a taster of the wellbeing island, JOALI BEING. From signature massages, specialised treatments, and JOALI BEING’s network of visiting experts, guests can experience an elevated spa experience.

With the introduction of the programme, the spa at JOALI Maldives will be rebranded as JOALI BEING Cure. A completely exclusive and unique line of amenities will be introduced under the brand name, and treatments will include elements of the experiences at JOALI BEING. The line is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and infused with the finest natural ingredients and is set to give a glimpse into the wellness programmes at JOALI BEING.

The menu incorporates distinctive therapies, including the Advanced Holistic Massage, which highlights the exclusive Marma facial massage for immediate relaxation and rejuvenation. Also, the experience encompasses body treatments like the Rasayana Detox Body Buff and Himalayan Energising Body Polish. The exclusive JOALI BEING Cure Skin Recovery treatment is specifically tailored for dry and sun-exposed skin.

“We are excited to introduce JOALI BEING Cure at JOALI Maldives, bringing a piece of weightlessness to the Island of Joy as well”, said Magdy Abdelaty, Global Director of Wellness & Spa. “This new spa brand is a true reflection of our commitment to providing unique and unparalleled luxury at our resort.”

This new and exciting launch transports JOALI Maldives into an exciting new era of relaxation and rejuvenation and is sure to elevate the guest experience as the resort welcomes a new year.

The introduction of the JOALI BEING Cure at JOALI Maldives marks the initial step in its journey, with plans to expand its spa portfolio by incorporating more locations in the upcoming years.

For further details and booking, please visit

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Holistic healing with Sunitha at Patina Maldives



Patina Maldives welcomes esteemed wellness luminary, Sunitha Nayarana for a residency from 15 November 2023 to 15 January 2024.

Renowned for her transformative approach to holistic wellbeing, Sunitha’s expertise has adorned the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, and L’Officiel, marking her as a beacon in the realm of wellness.

Drawing from over 14 years of dedicated practice and tutelage under Himalayan Monks in ancient yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, Sunitha brings forth an extraordinary synthesis of healing modalities. Her residency at Patina Maldives promises an exclusive fusion of techniques curated to recalibrate the mind, body, and spirit.

Discover the Essence of Holistic Healing

Holistic wellness embodies a comprehensive approach to well-being, encompassing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul. Sunitha’s sessions transcend the ordinary, offering a bespoke journey that harmonises ancient wisdom with modern-day living.

At Patina Maldives, guests are poised to reap the manifold benefits of Sunitha’s transformative sessions. Engage in personalised consultations, rejuvenating yoga, and meditation practices tailored to individual needs. Treatments on the exclusive menu includes, floatation therapy, chakra balancing and cleansing, tarot card reading and sound bath mediation. Embrace mindfulness techniques honed through centuries, promoting mental clarity and emotional balance amidst the serene island landscape.

Beyond the paradisiacal setting, Patina Maldives stands as a haven for those seeking profound renewal. With Sunitha’s residency, the resort elevates its commitment to holistic wellness, offering an exclusive opportunity for guests to embark on a deeply enriching journey towards inner harmony. Elevate your stay at Patina, engage, rejuvenate, and discover the extraordinary potential within.

For more information visit Patina Maldives or contact

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