Aquafitness with Nancy Durrenburger

Nancy Durrenburger – From July 6 to July 17, Aquafitness specialist Nancy Durrenberger will be hosting five exclusive aquafitness classes at Six Senses Laamu.

Aquafitness is a combination of deep water jogging and gymnastics exercises.  Jogging, a popular form of physical activity, builds strong bones, improves cardiovascular fitness and helps to maintain a healthyweight. Gymnastics is widely renowned as an activity that can improve overall fitness, strength,balance and body-control. Combining both into one physical fitness activity makes for a well balancedprogram for stamina and strength. The water pressure and water resistance help to increase blood flowin the tissues, the pressure on the muscles is stronger but the impact on the joints is minimized andtherefore the body burns more calories.

Nancy is no stranger to the Maldives having left Switzerland in 2003 to become a Diving Instructor in the Maldives. In search of a new challenge, she returned to Switzerland in 2008 and began a new cycle of studies on health and fitness. In the years which followed, she built her own wellness company which she manages until today. Nancy is a qualified aquafit instructor, a certified yoga teacher and a relaxation and nutrition coach.

Nancy said, “I am very excited to be invited by Six Senses Laamu and for giving the opportunity to guests to try Aquafitness in the Indian Ocean. After many years of diving in the Maldives it is great to be back as an aquafit instructor and experience this unique environment.”

In addition to five exclusive aquafit classes, Nancy will host a select number of other activities such as a special full moon aqua yoga session, aqua jogging and Nidra yoga.

Aquafit classes will take place on July 6, 9, 11, 14 and 16. The special full moon aqua yoga session will take place on July 12. Guests wishing to join these sessions are encouraged to make a booking in advance, or upon arrival at the resort, through their GEM (Guest Experience Maker) or directly with the Six Senses Spa.

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