Celebrating World Tourism Day at Kuramathi


Maldives.net.mv – Tourism is the main income source for the Maldives, with the first resort opening back in 1972. Since then, the tourism sector has widely expanded and experienced growth to the present day where over 100 resorts of different styles catering to an array of market segments are scattered across the dotted island nation. Kuramathi Island Resort shares the privilege of being one of the first resorts to open in 1975, under Universal Resorts umbrella.

This year Kuramathi plans to mark World Tourism Day fast approaching on Friday, 27th September with a big bang. The theme for this year’s Tourism Day is “Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future” and an exclusive program has been conceived offering unique experiences for our guests, both adults and children alike.

For starters an interesting perk of the day is the complimentary Kuramathi water available for all guests at the buffet restaurants during meal times. The strong focus of providing Kuramathi water bottles is because it reflects the importance of using glass bottles to minimise the impact on the environment, which is in line with this year’s water based theme. Distilled in Kuramathi, and produced from a carefully devised filtration and purification system, the Kuramathi bottles help us save the use of a tremendous 300,000 plastic bottles every year.

At Bageecha Kids Club, water activities would take place in the garden. Little guests will enjoy creative water games to engage in a morning promising a lot of jolliness and excitement.

In the afternoon, a guided tour is organised for those interested, where our Chief Engineer will take you on an educative stroll, giving insightful facts about the Sewerage Treatment Plant and the Bottling Plant, finishing with a tasting session of coconut water for the participants!

A special documentary screening takes place later at the Fung Bar that would open your mind to the underlying water crises around the world, and how people cope with record dry conditions, inspiring you with enthralling details of water, the element we humans depend on and what makes our planet so extraordinary.

World Tourism Day at Kuramathi is anticipated to be a fun filled yet educational experience, and we invite you to join us in our celebrations!

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