Experience the good life in Maldives


Maldives Promotion House – Sparkling clear waters surrounds the soft white sands- the hour is 12 at noon, and you’re sipping on a smooth exotic cocktail with your loved one. When you’re in Maldives, having a drink or two in the middle of the afternoon is not considered ‘too early’. Loving each other in the islands where time does not exist: this could be the holiday you always dreamed about – where everyone loves and every person is a lover.

With the perfect, blissful setting of the islands, you and your lover can only concentrate on the time on your hands, and the feelings you’re feeing at the moment, in a ‘right here, right now’ sense. Honeymooners choose this serene destination as their first getaway together because this exotic destination stops time, and from the minute you arrive here your life transforms into that of a more relaxed, blissful state and everyone is welcome to show their romantic and loving side towards each other.

Imagine waking up to a beautiful bright morning, the sun light streaming in through the beautiful curtains, as your lover slowly kisses you good morning. The resort butler or a room boy will be at your door at the requested hour with your breakfast-in-bed. The whole day will turn out something like this- with the butler waiting on you hand and foot and you and your partner relaxing, having the time of your lives.

Cozying up with your partner in a Jacuzzi facing the endless stretch of deep blue waters in front of you, watching the sunset as you sip on champagne watching the sky change its colors from day to night as the stars appear one by one- you will experience love and your emotions will flood like never before. Watching the magic of the colors changing, being in the moment is what it is really all about at these beautiful islands. Showering together under the outdoor rain showers with the tall shady trees over head, making love, and living the life in complete and utter luxury that will be completely mind blowing. Life will not be this good for a long time in a while.

Because most rooms are built within the trees, all rooms get privacy, and honeymooners and couples are able to freely do whatever they want, within their private quarters. The islands offer you the perfect weather; the cool, clear waters to cool off after working up a bit of sweat, and chill drinks to quench your thirst afterwards. A holiday you definitely won’t forget- because the resort staff will make all your wishes come true on your honeymoon holiday. Here in the exotic islands of Maldives you experience the good life.

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