Ten things I love about the Maldives: Peter Foreman

Peter Foreman is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Maldives. He is the driving force behind Sales and Marketing teams of Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa and W Retreat & Spa for the past two years. Since starting his career as Sales Executive with Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Peter has spent over 12 years with various Starwood properties. Before moving to the sunny side of life, he worked as the Director of Sales & Marketing for Le Meridien Kuala Lampur in Malaysia. Peter is a real Starwood star.

Here we asked about ten things he love above the Maldives.

1. SPEED BOATS – this has to be the ultimate way of getting around! How will I ever be able to live in a city again, and rely on trains, buses and cars? There is a romantic movie-star feeling about jumping into a speedboat and setting course for your destination. I can’t help but feel a little like George Clooney speeding around Italy or James Bond  speeding across the high seas!

2. REEF / Snorkeling – Being Australian, I have always believed that the Great Barrier Reef is home to the world’s best snorkeling (and scuba diving). However, having lived in the Maldives for the past 22 months, I am continually amazed with the underwater beauty seen at the house reef of W Maldives resort. This has to be one of the most colorful and fish life abundant reefs in the Maldives. I believe that those tourists who visit the Maldives and leave without experiencing the magnificence of the Maldivian underwater life are missing some of the best experiences that the Maldives has to offer.

My tip: book a snorkeling guide with our team at Down Under and spend some time floating across the clear waters surrounding the island.

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3. FLIP-FLOPS AND SHORTS– In Australia, we call flip-flops ‘Thongs’, however, I have to be careful as here it has a different meaning! Hitting the beach in my thongs does not sound too tempting! Here at W Maldives, flip-flops and shorts are the wardrobe of the day and evening. It’s great to work and live in; with such a casual environment, and also suits perfectly with the weather conditions. I’ve even got a tan on my feet from the straps of my flip-flops.

4. SUNSET – Well, they just don’t get any better than in the Maldives. Every day on every island it is different.  I am lucky enough be able to switch between the Anchorage Bar deck at Sheraton Maldives and the SIP deck at W Maldives, to watch the lazy sun tired from the day lay down to rest beyond the horizon. At W Retreat, we have a DJ, playing the perfect tunes, to accompany the sunset. It’s a magical experience and one that, when I am traveling, I tell all our partners to suggest to their guests – they simply MUST spend at least one sunset at SIP with one of W’s signature cocktails. On the Anchorage deck at Sheraton, a lot of the guests gather to watch and participate in  Shark feeding, which takes place at 5:30pm, daily. Shark feeding combined with a wine tasting at the Sheraton Social Hour is a great way to end a day in the Maldives.

5. MALE’ – I really enjoy walking around the tiny capital island city. For our visitors, I suggest that if time allows they spend a few hours exploring the fish and vegetable markets at the capital, Male’. It’s such an eye opener to the way of life in the Maldives. And of course, no visit to Male’ is complete without a good coffee or two at one of the numerous cafes dotted across the island

6. STARS – the pit dark expanse of the night sky just opens up so clearly as the sun sets. At W Maldives, I always lye outside on the day lounge and watch the stars glitter and dance before going to bed. It’s incredibly peaceful and a great way to clear your thoughts from the day.

7. SEAPLANE – Get your cameras ready! This is such an amazing and unique experience. There are few places in the world that you would be able to go on a seaplane ride. The view of the islands and atolls from above and the never ending horizon cannot simply be captured on your camera. I especially love the landing, when the sea plane sets down, cutting through the salt water of the Indian Ocean.

 8. BUCKET LIST – The Maldives has to be on most people’s bucket list of places to visit. For most people, it is to celebrate life’s milestones, such as anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons, and other important moments that they come  to experience Maldives, but we get to live here every day. Of course, there are times that I miss the city life, but, after one of my trips abroad, I  always find myself reminiscing about the natural beauty of Maldives.

9. CLEAR COLORFUL WATERS  – I still remember the night that I arrived in the Maldives and how amazed I was at the color of the water – even at the jetty of Male’ International Airport. The different shades of blue water (with the clear blue skies) dazzles me every day, even now.

10. FOOD – The freshness of seafood is amazing. To dine under the stars at FISH restaurant of W Maldives is  an incredible experience. Plan for the nights around the full moon and I guarantee you that the fresh seafood, along with the incredible natural setting, will give you goose-bumps. It also is the perfect spot to spy on the marine life swimming below the restaurant. Sea Salt restaurant at Sheraton Maldives offers my home-town favorite; ‘Surf n Turf’ – an Angus Beef Tenderloin topped with Maldivian Spiny Lobster, its freshness will leave you with memories to last.

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