Big game fishing – a day at the ocean

Maldives Promotion House – The Maldives is known for its postcard perfect beauty, and the many idyllic retreats scattered throughout the tiny island country draws thousands of travellers to this destination every year. Of the many secrets hidden in the Maldives, fishing is a pursuit that runs deep in the native blood. The Maldivians share a rich history and a culture of fishing; the traditional and primary means of gathering food in the early days and even in the modern day.

Indigenous fishermen commenced their voyages on a Dhoni – the traditional Maldivian boat used for travelling through the seas in the past. Present day, fishing has evolved into a form of recreation, practiced by locals and guests alike, from traditional line fishing, trawling and to big game fishing.

Kuramathi Island Resort Maldives offers the thrill of big game fishing to our guests on request basis. It can be a great marine adventure for a small family or a group of friends on board their Dhoni; the Rainbow Runner – a 30-foot long fiberglass boat with comfortable seating and a large sundeck over the roof. The Dhoni comes fully equipped with a GPS system, for those who wish to embark on a journey from Rasdhoo to North Ari Atoll to nab humongous fish out of the ocean.

At Kuramathi, they adhere to a strict code of ‘catch and release’ policy, as they are a proud members of the International Game Fishing Association. Guests are encouraged not to take more than one bill fish (sailfish, marlin or sword fish). This does allow guests to keep one billfish on board and take photographs of any additional ones guests are lucky enough to catch before letting them back into the ocean! Guests can choose to make a meal out of wahoos, barracudas, groupers, together with their prized billfish although patience and muscle power is a necessity to bring home those big ones! This is a truly rewarding experience, highly recommended for those eager to get a slice of Maldivian culture and fishing alike.

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