WeRecommendRecords Releases Maldives by Wayward Brothers

Maldives Promotion House – The famous record label, WeRecommendRecords has announced their stunning new release by the Wayward Brothers. The fresh new two tracks EP from the “Wayward Brothers” is titled “Maldives” and has a deep, melodic and progressive feel.

The first of two tracks is titled “Maldives” and is the deeper of the two tracks and holding a much more fluffy melodic quality to it. As the DJ Max Dillon puts it, “packing some smooth kick drums, warm atmosphere and hollow percussion this track gains a nice momentum while layers of gorgeous melodies and sexy synths pile themselves on to formulate a track that truly speaks the deep melodic language in every way. The buildup is exceptionally well done and really gives you that almost peak time feel which leads you to an incredible final drop. This track packs some serious deep yet powerful sound and is one that many will instantly love.”

The second track is called the “Sunset By The Sea” which starts off with some nice chime infused percussion and a nice echoing vocal sweep that holds true throughout the whole track.

“As it builds the track slowly takes on a nice melodic house chord as well as some pleasurable atmospheric pads and synth work. Quickly reaching its first break down the track slowly builds on the melody as it adds on a perfect bass line that truly suits this track in every way,” says, DJ Max.

“Adding a nice piano lead and utilizing the vocal sweeps the track takes off to build up to its bigger and more massive sounding build up. All in all this track is incredible and fully demonstrates how big sounding you can get while still maintaining a deep and soothing texture. This track is sure to be loved by anyone and we are sure to see this track in many sets in the coming months.”

We’ve listened to the tracks and all we have to say is that the gorgeous release is definitely well worth it and that it deserves the title Maldives.

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