Huvafen Fushi unveils new ‘pop-down’ underwater dining experience

Iconic Maldivian haven, Huvafen Fushi, has launched Immerse… Latitude 4°, an intimate new bespoke underwater dining experience eight metres beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean.

The sublime new ‘pop-down’ restaurant will transform Huvafen Fushi’s legendary world-first underwater spa into a profound private gastronomical experience, in which guests are enveloped in a mesmeric, ethereal space in tropical waters just 4° from the equator.

Complemented by a fully customisable menu individually tailored to guests’ culinary preferences, this inherently immersive submarine private dining venue will bring unprecedented depth and exclusivity to the Maldives’ pioneering pantheon of elite underwater restaurants.

After a romantic boardwalk stroll over the sunset-kissed lagoon, guests descend a few steps to discover their otherworldly private dining cocoon below the surface.

Positioned beside a panoramic window, a single elegantly dressed dining table provides unparalleled, uninterrupted views of the captivating reef nightlife; subtle mood lighting within accentuates the gently illuminated seascape outside.

The abundance and diversity of Huvafen Fushi’s marine life is exuberantly evident at every turn, and any time of day – but it is after dark, below the surface, that the reef dramatically reveals itself as a vivacious landscape of nocturnal predators on the hunt; of bioluminescent plankton sparking ‘fire in the ocean’; and of beautiful corals fluorescing under the gaze of UV torches.

The Immerse… Latitude 4° experience also provides a unique perspective on Huvafen Fushi’s coral propagation programme — the spa reef is home to several mature coral frames that have ‘graduated’ from the resort’s coral nurseries — while for guests who are uncomfortable with diving or snorkelling, it represents a revelatory opportunity to discover the magical world beneath the waves.

Huvafen’s executive chef will consult with guests in advance to design an individually tailored gastronomic journey perfectly attuned to their tastes; while the resort’s resident sommelier will also be on hand to present wine pairing recommendations to accompany each chosen dish.

The Immerse… Latitude 4° private dining experience is priced at $495++ per person, excluding beverages, for advance reservations only. Private breakfast experiences also available on request.

Opened in July 2004, Huvafen Fushi is situated in the Male Atoll and features the world’s first underwater spa rooms.

Just 30 minutes by speedboat from Velana International Airport, Huvafen Fushi exists in a dreamlike bubble; beyond the banal intrusions of flight or boat paths, wreathed only by horizon.

A sanctuary of iconic design and natural beauty, the resort’s 44 enrapturing, naturally modern villas – each with a private deck and freshwater infinity pool – are enhanced by the signature Thakuru butler service first pioneered by Huvafen Fushi.

An array of unique culinary experiences are infused with Huvafen’s customary serenity, from subterranean gastronomic adventures curated by renowned consultant sommelier Guillem Kerambrun at Vinum, the resort’s underground wine cellar; to laid-back Izakaya-style dining at Huvafen’s unmistakable overwater restaurant, now returned to its birth name, Salt.

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