Experience Lily Beach Resort’s enhanced app before, during, after your holiday

Lily Beach Resort & Spa’s app has always been a great way to discover more about the resort and the exciting experiences you can enjoy during your dream Maldives’ holiday.

The app is the perfect holiday companion, allowing you to discover what’s on and plan your perfect stay in paradise. Booking excursions, arranging special dinners, finding out what’s on in the evening all can be done through the app… before you have even left home!

You can also now check-in with the app, saving you valuable time at the resort for what’s important, looking after you!

To get started, simply follow the below steps, and start planning your dream stay today.

Step 1: Download the app

You can download the app using these links (iOS, Android) or by searching for Lily Beach Maldives in your app store.

Step 2: Check-in before arrival

Once installed on your phone, you will be able to use your booking details to log into your own personal app experience. This will allow you to start planning your itinerary and experiences and give you the opportunity to check-in before you travel, saving you time at the resort and provide you information on the cornucopia of activities available to you.

Simply go to the Check-in Screen, accessed from the menu, and enter the details requested.

Step 3: Plan your itinerary

With all of the experiences and excursions on offer at Lily Beach available through the app, you can start planning your dream holiday from the moment you book. Set out your perfect itinerary so you don’t miss out on any of what Lily has to offer.

Step 4: Enhance your stay

Arrive on the island and start taking advantage of everything Lily has to offer from the first minute itself. You can continue to use your app while on the island to change and update your plans, but by planning before you arrive you don’t need to waste a second of your holiday on deciding what to do next, instead, you can jump straight into island life.

Not only that, the app comes with tons of new updates. Simply login with your booking confirmation or room number to access your personal trip concierge section in the app where you can:

  • Check your booking details
  • Countdown until arrival
  • Access information on all resort activities
  • Book and cancel activities and view itinerary of booked activities
  • Check the menu of all restaurants at the resort instead of having to touch physical menus

All of these features make the Lily Beach App the quintessential travel companion that enhances your stay at the resort.

The app also helps Lily Beach reduce the use of paper for uses such as feedback forms, helping the resort minimise waste and achieve better sustainability ideals.

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