Germany Offers To Assist On Maldives Waste Management

Maldives Promotion House – Germany has announced their decision to provide technical assistance to Maldives on waste management.

Katherina Reiche, the Parliamentary Secretary at the German Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, said that the assistance would be technical rather than an investment.

“[We will] provide technical assistance, guidance and support towards managing a long term waste management system,” she said during a meeting held at the Environment Ministry. Reiche also commented on the country‚Äôs carbon neutrality goals saying that the new set of goals is very ambitious.

The environ minister also noted the importance of cooperation and mutual understanding between the two countries, and expressed the need for Maldives to have a new waste management plan, saying, “Waste management is an issue for which we don’t have a solution.”

“Equipment and machinery had been sent to various islands but with little effect and outcome. What we need is a plan with more community participation,” he added.

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