Maldives’ first surf magazine Dhevi Hifaafa released

Dhevi Hifaafa has been released as the first surf magazine in Maldives.

At a ceremony held at the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Wednesday afternoon, MMPRC Managing Director Thoyyib Mohamed launched the magazine.

Dhevi Hifaafa magazine aims to document and archive the long and rich history of surfing in the Maldives.

The magazine explores and provides opportunities to nurture journalism, photography, videography and other surf-related activities. It pledges and works to create a hub and dialogue for environmental awareness, as well as supporting local brands by promoting their endeavours.

“Dhevi Hifaafa” in the local Dhivehi language means “Addiction”, and aptly refers to the passion and desire that flows through Maldivian surfers.

Founders Nahshal Nasir and Amir Amin Didi have brought their different experiences in surfing together to explore and deliver news about surfing in the Maldives through various mediums.

An annual publication, Dhevi Hifaafa is available for free via their website. Print editions will be available at selected outlets across capital Male starting next week.

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