Maldives, Tamsin Egerton’s Favourite

Maldives Promotion House – Tamsin Egerton is a famous British actress best known for her roles as Chelsea Parker in the 2007 film St Trinian’s, Holly Goodfellow in Keeping Mum and Guinevere in the 2011 TV series Camelot.

While Tamsin has been travelling the world, apparently her favourite destination is Maldives. She spoke about her travels during an interview with The Telegraph.  Having experienced many of the destinations of the world, Tamsin spoke of the natural beauty of Maldives and the unmatched hospitality.

“My sister and I went to Cocoa Island in the Maldives and it was absolutely stunning. It was literally heaven on earth. The water was a bright azure blue, completely, crystal clear and the sky was exactly the same colour. It was just astonishing,” Tamsin said.

“The sand was a fine white powder and the service was impeccable too and even though we were there when it was meant to be crowded, I still only saw two couples per day on the island, which is tiny. I don’t know how they managed it but it was quite amazing.”

Tamsin also spoke of the stunning views of Maldives and the fabulous sunsets. “We had a little stilted room where we’d go down on to our patio area overlooking the water and we’d see dolphins at sunrise and sunset. It was absolutely beautiful. It was just perfect. I was depressed when I came back,” she added.

Egerton started her acting career age six, following her older sister, Sophia, to a local youth theatre. A year later, she appeared in a Royal Shakespeare Company musical production of The Secret Garden, playing Mary. Egerton’s other film credits include Sarah in Driving Lessons (2006) alongside Rupert Grint and Flora in Knife Edge (2008).

Egerton starred as Princess Elenora in the TV children’s series Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land. In 2001, she starred as the “young” Morgaine in the TV miniseries The Mists of Avalon. She has also appeared on stage – in the RSC’s musical version of The Secret Garden. In 2009 Egerton appeared in the St Trinian’s sequel, St Trinian’s II: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold.

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