Maldives Floating Golf Course Project Kicks Off

Maldives Promotion House – The floating golf course project, to be developed in Maldives by the world-renowned Dutch Docklands company, has kicked off the first steps towards production. The industry innovators in floating technology recently picked six golf design candidates from twenty-four tender acknowledgements. Among the shortlisted candidates includes major champions and Ryder Cup legends, who presented individual plans to the Dutch Docklands Board.

“Each candidate has been required to follow a stringent set of guidelines integral to our joint venture initiative with the Maldives Government,” CEO Dutch Docklands, Paul Van De Camp said. “We are looking for a design partner who can integrate the golf course design in balance with the natural surrounds ensuring development practices are in a line with Dutch Docklands Environmental Responsibility Mandate, which contains exact details as to acceptable methodology for our Maldives project.”

Technological advancements in floating developments, made by Dutch Docklands, have helped the company evolve into one of the most revolutionary and forward-thinking corporations in the world. Embedded in its business ethos is a vision for how this unique technology can play a major role for governments and land owners in a multitude of sectors whilst co-existing with the natural surroundings.

Featuring 18 holes connected by underwater tunnels, the course will be made up of several islands floating in the Indian Ocean, which will contain two or three holes each. The floating islands will also be linked to a series of hotels by more underwater tunnels, which will overlook the golf course and surrounding coral reefs. Powered by solar energy with sustainable desalination and water cooling techniques, the project will be made as environment friendly as possible.

“We have created a dynamic model around tried and tested technologies, in order to provide a multi-dimensional solution for our partners,” Van De Camp added. “While we are engaged with world class golf course designers at this stage, we never lose sight of how floating technology can positively enhance a country’s industry and its residents’ well-being in the long term.”

Named as the Royal Indian Ocean Club, the floating islands will be designed by one among some of the industry’s most widely respected names who have established design concepts, integration methods, as well as environmental and sustainability outlines for consideration. According to Dutch Docklands operations will begin next year.

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