Hard Rock Café Maldives hosts workshop with popular guitarist Luca Stricagnoli

Hard Rock Café Maldives has hosted an exclusive workshop with one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world, Luca Stricagnoli.

Considered one of the most interesting acoustic guitarists in the world, Luca is known for his innovative and unique playing techniques. Using up to five guitars in the same piece, with modified capos and self-conceived stratagems, his music videos on the internet exceeds 100 million views.

On Saturday, Luca showed locals and tourists how he took the humble acoustic guitar and transformed it into a multilayered and textured instrument.

“This is the first of many initiatives in support of the local music community. As there are currently no proper music schools, and most local musicians are self-made, we wanted to provide an opportunity for these musicians and music lovers to come together and experience the love of music and build relationships through that common ground,” an announcement read.

“We have been fortunate enough to be able to work with many local bands, and we hope to continue to do so. We wanted to create a link between local musicians and internationally-renowned musicians. Luca is a perfect example, and we hope we can enforce this passion and creativity through such workshops.”

Hard Rock Café Maldives and Hard Rock Hotel Maldives are part of the recently-opened Crossroads Maldives, the first and largest integrated tourism destination in the Maldives.

Just steps from the hotel, guests will enjoy authentic American cuisine amidst the ultimate rock atmosphere at Hard Rock Café Maldives. With direct boat transportation from capital Male and situated within the Emboodhoo Lagoon development, Hard Rock Café Maldives provides approximately 185 seats both indoors and outdoors whilst offering diners exclusive beach access, taking dining with a view to a whole new level.

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