Mystic Maldivian Nights at the Coconut Grove of Naladhu Maldives

Maldives Promotion House – Guests at Naladhu Maldives can now experience a magical evening of native narrative by the Island Chief – a rare glimpse into a unique culture of which storytelling is a vital part of its tradition and livelihood.

As guests gather around the soft glow of candlelight, Mr. Didi, the island chief, shares a rich tapestry of history and folklore in native tongue. Tales of heroes and spirits who traversed the waters of the Maldives atoll in times of yore. Mr. Didi speaks softly, his stories punctuated by the scent of coconut and the salty sea as his aide translates into English.

True to the spirit of Naladhu’s philosophy to provide guests with an intimate and enriching experience while on vacation, the mystic storytelling excursion is exclusive to Naladhu. Designed to enlighten guests about the history of the Maldives and to forge relationships with the local people, this magical journey is set in the sanctuary of the Coconut Grove in the heart of the island.

Commencing as the sun sets, guests are escorted to the atmospheric grove where they are seated on plump cushions under a canopy of majestic palms. Locally prepared canapés are presented on traditional trays known in the native dialect as Malaafaiy. Further refreshments of fresh tropical juice are also provided to rehydrate the body and prepare for the evenings events.

The host of the evening and island chief, Mr Didi, begins his stories with appropriate tone and rigor. Guests learn of how the Maldives came into existence (“Redin”), how it was inhabited (“Koimala Kalo”), and the legend of the female ghost (“Santhi Mariyambu”). Other legends of heroes include the “Utheemu Three Brothers”, “Dhandehelu”, “Bodu Thakurufaanu” and “Queen Rehendhi”.

These oral stories comprise the only account of local Maldivian history and culture and are therefore inherently special. The tales are passed on from generation to generation in the same artful expression that has been used for centuries. While oral storytelling has become a rarity in other indigenous cultures – if not lost within the developments of the industrial world – the process is as integral to the Maldivian folk as it was to their seafaring ancestors.

Guests will be taken on a journey back through time. They will also be presented with a descriptive history of the Naladhu site itself. It promises to be a truly extraordinary experience that cannot be encountered anywhere else.

Guests staying at Naladhu can make bookings for The Mystic Journey of the Maldives through their personal House Master.

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