Maldives Adds To the List of Protected Species

Maldives Promotion House – The government of Maldives has lengthened the list of protected animal species by designating protected status to another 12 species under the Environment Protection Act. In the fight for the conservation of nature and marine life the Ministry of Housing and Environment announced the declaration today.

From today onwards all types of sea turtles found in the Maldives will be protected. Dolphins, napoleon wrasses, giant clams, black coral, whale sharks, and conches have also gained protected status. Other species include all types of whales and corals, sharks, and all types of clams. Female lobsters bearing fertile eggs or lobsters less than 25 centimetres in length are also included in the list of protected species.

“Following the designation of protected status to these species, effective from July 21st onwards, the capture, possession, sale and harming of these species are considered illegal and in violation of the Environment Protection Act,” the declaration from the ministry read.

According to the ministry, those found in violation of the act will be fined under the regulation, in order to preserve the country’s biodiversity and natural heritage for future generations. Recently a large area of Baa atoll was declared an International Biosphere Reserve, and over six different areas were declared protected.

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