Mega Maldives Successfully Launches Shanghai – Malé Route

Maldives Promotion House – Mega Maldives Airlines has announced that they have made their successful first flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) to Malé International Airport, on the 16th of July 2011. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at Shanghai Airport check-in counter before the historic first flight of the international flag carrier of the Maldives.

The flight landed into Malé at 12:50PM on Saturday carrying 200 passengers from Shanghai to the Maldives non-stop, the only such service currently available to arrive in the Maldives during day-time. The schedule allows for more convenient connections to resorts by domestic air transfers, seaplane and boat, not to mention allowing another sunset and dinner in the Maldives to arriving tourists thus giving a boost to the local tourism industry.

“Mega Maldives Airlines would like to express our deep appreciation to all who have been involved from the beginning for the support, guidance, and oversight to facilitate the success we have achieved in such a short time. We currently employ more than 100 staff in highly skilled jobs with a majority of Maldivians at all levels of the operation and growing every day,” Mega Maldives said.

Their operations has opened world class employment opportunities to local Maldivians in the global aviation industry with the first batch of cabin crews trained in 2010 and the second batch trained this year.

New professions for Maldivians have been introduced and business opportunities made possible to Maldivian entrepreneurs with the opening of Chinese markets to the Maldives. Mega Maldives Airlines now carries Maldivian cargo on every flight from Malé to Hong Kong non-stop, saving time for perishable cargo, and money for the traders.

Their growth continues with a third international route connecting the capital cities of Beijing and Malé non-stop launching on July 22nd, to be followed by a forth route to Seoul, Korea non-stop in September. Mega Maldives Airlines is also currently in the process of bringing in a second aircraft into service and exploring additional markets leading to a third aircraft.

Mega Maldives Airlines is a source of great pride to the island Republic of Maldives, as they carry the national flag and the Maldivian brand globally, leading the drive in the on-going development of Maldivian aviation, tourism and trade.

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