True romance on One Palm Island

Maldives Promotion House – Most guests visiting Soneva Gili are so astounded by the beauty of their villa perched on stilts above glistening Lankanafushi lagoon that they remain there, bewitched, for days on end. As experiences go, sunbathing, dining and sleeping over water is hard to beat, but they also cater for diehard romantics who want to take the meaning of bliss a step further.

One Palm Island is aptly named. It’s an island with one tree, a beautiful palm, and one tree only. Apart from that it’s just beautiful Maldivian sand. If you were to picture a desert island, this would be it. It’s almost as if a Hollywood producer had placed it here, but the only producer involved in its creation, was Mother Nature. The island is quite small but is exactly the right size for two people to enjoy the most romantic evening imaginable.

They decorate the entire island with candles and tiki torches and set up a table and chairs for dinner. Then they take you to One Palm Island by boat just as the sun is about to set and then serve you champagne and a menu of your choice, cooked there and then while you gaze into each other’s eyes, with tears of joy.

While you’re dining, and gazing, and wiping the odd tear away, they can set up a bed for you on the roof terrace of your overwater villa, with even more candles, so that when you come home you can sleep under the stars and wake with the sunrise.

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