Kuredu switches to solar power

Kuredu solar Maldives.net.mv – Located on the Equator, Maldives receives plenty of sun throughout the year and not tapping into this vast potential of renewable energy would be a missed opportunity.

Kuredu Island Resort has intensified their efforts to be eco-friendly. The solar power project at the resort is now up and running and solar energy is expected to contribute 600KW per day.

The highest power demand in the resort is recorded at 1,900KW, requiring up to seven diesel generators. The solar power will create a significant reduction of resort’s diesel consumption and carbon dioxide emission as we as sound pollution. Currently up to 8,000 liters of diesel are burnt daily for power generation.

Previously solar power in the resort was only used for heating up fresh water for guest bathrooms and the new solar project will generate electricity requirements for all electrical appliances of the resort as it will be connected to the main grid.

Most of the existing roof tops in the resort’s Team Village areas are being installed with new 4,160 solar panels. Each panel will generate 240 watts of maximum power during a sunny day using the photovoltaic system, converting sun light into electric current.

From the in-house production of drinking water and the bottling thereof, eco-friendly housekeeping undertakings, to sustainable seafood choices, Kuredu has been known to have many bright ideas as to how we can contribute our share to preserving the stunning natural environment of the Maldives.

When making your holiday choices, is a resort’s eco-consciousness important to you? Let us know how you find Kuredu’s latest green efforts!

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