Maldives Documentary Set To Be Premiered this Year

Maldives Promotion HouseThe Island President is a dramatic Hollywood-style feature documentary that lifts the issue of global warming out of the theoretical and into the personal.

The 90 minute documentary film highlights the Maldives’ efforts to combat climate change and rising sea levels.

Made by the Oscar and Emmy-winning American documentary film company, Actual Films, the film includes previously unseen recordings of the Maldives government’s preparations for Copenhagen, as well as dramatic behind the scenes footage during the summit itself.

During early 2009, Actual Films contacted the government requesting permission to film President Nasheed, members of the government, and others as they prepared for the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change summit. Actual Films was also granted full editorial control over the movie.

After spending over two years and $1.5 million making the film, the film is set to be premiered at an international film festival later this year. It will also be aired in the Maldives early next year.

The film was paid for in its entirety through grants from the Ford Foundation, the American Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the MacArthur Foundation, the Atlantic Foundation, the Sundance Institute, and small donations from American well wishers.

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