’Deepest Man on Earth’ Herbert Nitsch freediving record holder gives classes at Soneva Fushi

Free diving at Soneva Fushi

Maldives.net.mv – Known for offering serendipitous guest experiences with modern-day ’greats’, Soneva Fushi is proud to announce that Herbert Nitsch, the world’s record holder for “the Deepest Man on Earth” and world record holder in ’No Limits’ Freediving will be running freediving courses at the resort for the last 2 weeks of April 2015.  This will be the first of several freediving ’events’, positioning Soneva Fushi as ’the’ freediving venue in the Maldives.

Herbert won this prestigious title when he set the world record for freediving at the incredible depth of 214 meters (702 feet) in 2007.  He can hold his breath for more than 9 minutes and has set 32 world records in all of the 8 recognised disciplines – unrivalled achievements in the freediving history.

Having once suffered from severe decompression sickness and being told that he would be wheelchair bound, he took his healing into his own hands. Two years later and against all odds, Herbert is training and deep-freediving again.

Joined by Soneva Fushi’s resident freediver Ken Kiriyama, Herbert’s one and a half day course will involve theoretical and practical lessons in both shallow and open water. They will also offer a specially adapted class for children on a complimentary basis.  Ken explained the ethos, “We’re keen to make freediving accessible. Anyone that enjoys yoga or meditation could really benefit from freediving. It’s not anything scary, in fact it’s a wonderfully peaceful experience.”

It will cover all aspects such as theory, deep relaxation, breathing techniques to calm the mind and body, how to master holding breath, dive techniques, equalisation, safety and the ‘buddy system’. These techniques will enable the students to enjoy the local house reef more calmly and for a longer time – the perfect way to study its local inhabitants such as the graceful and ubiquitous turtles.

Herbert will also share his impressive and sometimes dramatic tales about his life and free diving records at outdoor Cinema Paradiso.  As an active board member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, he will be keen to focus some of his talks on global marine conservation – a topic particularly poignant with Soneva Fushi situated in a UNESCO Biosphere marine protected atoll. He will be available to join guests for dinner for further oceanic tales.

Herbert commented,  ”Its all about the unknown, about crossing physiological boundaries, and achieving goals that seem beyond the limits. Each time I think I’ve reached a limit…there is a door…it opens…and the limit is gone. Freediving in the Maldives will be a particularly enjoyable experience for beginners as the water conditions are just so perfect – calm, clear with plenty to watch.”

The nine hour course is available to book between the 14th – 26th April, with a maximum of four students per instructor and will cost $1,200 plus taxes.

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