Maldives visitor survey 2014: 31% visitors are repeaters

Couple, Conrad – Ministry of Tourism has released the latest Maldives Visitor Survey for 2014.

The “Maldives Visitor Survey” is a series of surveys conducted by the Ministry of Tourism as part of the efforts to improve quality of tourism services in the Maldives. The reports are published with the aim of providing a useful resource material for policy makers in the government, and decision makers in the tourism industry, with an in-depth breakdown of the visitor profiles and their perceptions on the quality of the Maldives tourism product and the services related to it.

The Survey was conducted at the departure terminal of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport from 18th February to 5th March 2014. Questionnaires were prepared in 7 languages, namely English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese with a sample size of 1,800.

Some key findings;

  • 31% of tourists to the Maldives are repeat visitors.
  • Majority (83%) of the tourists visit the Maldives with either a partner or with family.
  • 55% said they travelled with their partner, 28% travelled with the family.
  • Internet plays a major role as the media for source of information and travel booking. 25% of the respondents said they learnt about the Maldives via internet and 53% said they booked their holiday via internet.
  • The Maldives natural environment which includes underwater, beach and the weather were the main (52%) motivators for the tourists to come and visit Maldives. With its uniqueness and peacefulness, the Maldives is popular (54%) among tourists as a rest and relaxation destination.
  • The length of stay was found to be 4 to 7 nights (48%). A huge majority of the tourist to the Maldives are satisfied with their holiday spend in the Maldives. 96% of the respondents said their holiday met the expectations and 98% would recommend the Maldives as a holiday destination to others. 91% of the survey respondents intend to visit again.
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