Kakuni Village launches at Beach House Iruveli, Maldives


Maldives.net.mv – Beach House Iruveli is an opulent Maldivian gem surrounded by pearly beaches and crystal clear waters. Here, luxury meets wild natural beauty and Iruveli recreates the style and charm of traditional Maldivian hospitality, while seamlessly blending Asian traditions of simplicity, culture and elegance. With an air of serenity and sophistication throughout, this property offers unparalleled luxury to the discerning few.

Celebrating all aspects of Maldivian culture is at the very heart of Beach House Iruveli and staff (many of whom were born and raised on neighbouring islands) are keen to share and celebrate their traditions with guests visting the island. Located in the Northern most atoll of the Maldives, the Haa Alif is home to stunning islands and a vibrant culture and with the opening of Kakuni Village, Beach House Iruveli is now able to offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a truly authentic, one of a kind Maldivian dining experience.

“We are delighted to launch Kakuni Village – a great addition to Beach House Iruveli’s culinary journeys. We are looking forward to treating our guests to a true taste of the Maldives and allowing them to learn about the traditional Maldivian dining experience” comments Haydee Cruz, Director of Sales and Marketing


Nestled close to the beach, Kakuni Village exists as an outdoor restaurant with a pared down, traditional design. With the Indian Ocean providing a magnificent backdrop, Kakuni Village will feature wooden tables handcrafted by local carpenters and an exotic island atmosphere will be echoed throughout. Guests will be invited to learn about island life and gain an insight into the artisanal, artistic and culinary traditions which make up the Maldivian culture. Maldivian Chef Naxxa will meet with guests and share his love of cooking along with some of his grandmother’s own recipes.

Kakuni Village has been designed in line with traditional Maldivian culture with the idea that when the food is being prepared, everybody gathers at one house so that the cooking experience can be enjoyed by the entire community. The delicious Maldivian cuisine available at Kakuni Village will be served in a Malaafai – a traditional barrel-shaped box, handcrafted from Breadfruit tree wood. A large iron platter is placed inside the malaafai and filled with rice – this keeps the delicious food warm and acts as a base for each of the exotic dishes.

An array of tempting local curries, salads and desserts are placed on top of the rice prior to serving.  Some of the Maldivian favourites on the menu will include the indulgent Daging Salai Masak Lemak (braised beef in a spicy coconut sauce) and tangy Parwn Pajeri Nenas Utara (udang pineapple curry) and all main courses are served with Maldivian special omelette, papadum and homemade pickle.

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