Problem solving spa treatments at the Beach House Iruveli Maldives

Beach House Iruveli

Maldives Promotion House – Hidden in the northernmost atoll of the Maldives The Beach House Iruveli is nestled amidst crystal clear water and 35 acres of lush greenery and white sand beaches. For the majority of guests a trip to the Spa is an integral part of their visit and the team work hard to ensure this exquisite Maldivian retreat lives up to its promise of complete tranquillity.

The Spa is located along winding paths, where sunlight is filtered through the Banyan trees giving an instant feeling of seclusion and privacy. With delicate music humming in the background, smoke and scent embracing the ambience, the experience reaches out to all the senses. All treatments available at the Spa use authentic Maldivian traditions, combining detoxification, exfoliation and bodywork.

For 2013, The Beach House Iruveli is taking their ultimate spa experience one step further by offering guests a selection of problem solving spa treatments. Aimed at easing various kinds of discomfort, the Spa has three different treatments all designed to target different ailments. With conditions such as insomnia, back pain and arthritis being eased in the Maldivian utopia guests can expect to return home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Kativasthi Massage (50 mins; $155) focuses on decreasing chronic lower back pain. The massage is an Ayurvedic treatment where concentrated herbal oil is held inside moulded flour dough on the lower back area. It is the oil that works on the problem area, stimulating and nourishing the nerves. Whilst the active ingredients in the oil go to work, a relaxing shoulder and foot massage ensures all tension is soothed away. The massage ends with a variety of different massage techniques, all of which are focused on improving movement and strengthening the lower back region. Kativasthi massages have been known to help in the treatment of osteoporosis and sciatica. Three sessions are recommended for maximum benefits.

The Abhyanga Massage and Shirodhara Therapy (80 mins; $232) are aimed to help with insomnia and decreasing stress in the body. Shirodhara is considered by many one of the most powerful Ayurvedic treatments available with the aim of intensely relaxing the nervous system. The massage commences with an Abhyanga full body massage in which warm Ayurvedic herbal oils are used in a soothing flowing massage. Next is the Shirodhara Therapy where a stream of specially enriched oil is continuously flowed onto the forehead, inducing a blissful state of mind, and expanded awareness. This treatment is ideal for guests suffering from headaches, poor sleeping patterns and stress. The Spa suggests three sessions for the best results.

The Spa’s third problem solving treatment is the Marma Massage (50/80 mins; $155/$232) designed to help with arthritis. The Marma massage focuses on Marma points which are a junction of vessels, ligaments, muscles, bones and joints and has been known to promote good blood flow. In a similar style to acupuncture, Marma points correspond to different internal organs and systems of the body which then react to Marma stimulation. Using rope for support, the therapists use their hands and feet to apply oil enriched with Ayurvedic herbs and roots to stimulate the different Marma points on your body. Skilful massage techniques induce a total sense of inner wellbeing and the massage is a complete mind, body and spirit experience.

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