The season of giving and joy at Maafushivaru

Maafushivaru – Santa Claus is coming to town, and he’s not missing out his favourite destination; the Maldives! This year Maafushivaru joins the Christmas spirit on December, with an 8 day long eventful agenda to celebrate the joyous occasion. For those planning their holidays to the Maldives during the Festive Season, we have one word of advice! Do not forget to bring the spirit of giving and joy to enjoy the fun!

The merriment begins on the Christmas Eve, with a game of beach volleyball where guests contest with Maafushivaru team members. After an exhilarating match, one could whet their appetites for the upcoming Gala dinner at Cuisine Gallery, spread out with marvellous eats to relish in. The DJ livens up the crowd after the feast, mixing groovy numbers while Santa would make a perfect entrance to distribute gifts to those who made it on his good books this year!

The “Maldivian Day” is Maafushivaru’s exclusive themed day paying homage to the Maldivian culture and guests could share this authentic experience to learn the local life. The day begins with a tour around the island, ending with a showcasing of a typical Maldivian market, a heritage show and of course the essence of the local music; Bodu Beru (local drumming) exhibited with the famed trance like dances by the Maafushivaru team members. Insightful for those keen on cultural experiences!

Water Polo in the Indian Ocean, live music at the Water Bar, exciting indoor games are amongst a few items that feature into the agenda as well. On 31st December, the last sunset cocktail of the year is toasted at Lonubo, Maafushivaru’s sister island with a setting given its isolated feel and the wide expanse of powdery white beaches. Enjoy a glass of champagne, sparkling wine, or a tropical cocktail to feel the Maldivian vibe with your significant other as you make new resolutions for the upcoming 2014!

Maafushivaru invites you to enjoy the Festive Season and spend the last days of 2013 with pomp and splendour!

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