World Surfaris to manage surf operations at Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives

surfing at Hudhuranfushi – Management at Hudhuranfushi Resort, Maldives have taken a welcome step to managing on island surfer numbers by appointing World Surfaris as their official surf operations manager & offering a new surfer management plan that will limit surfers permitted to a maximum of 35 during March to October season.

The new surfer package is only available through international surf adventure company World Surfaris and their affiliate agents and promises to free up the house break ‘Lohi’s’ from the annual abundance of visiting surfers.

Fostering a ‘less is more for everyone’ attitude World Surfaris owner Shaun Levings has indicated that this is a positive step in managing surfer numbers in the North Male’ atoll of the Maldives.

“Surfer numbers visiting North Male’ atoll & Hudhuranfushi Resort have considerably increased in recent years. The resulting influx has often left guests frustrated to say the least with a bad atmosphere in and out of the water. After all who’d want to travel to this dream destination and have to share the line up with an excessive crowd? The new surf management plan means less people in the water with more waves for your money and a great vibe throughout your holiday.” Levings stated.

ADS Resorts Pvt Ltd, the leaseholders of Lohifushi Island now known as Adaaran ‘Select’ Hudhuranfushi Resort are granted private use of the house reef which includes ‘Lohis left’. This is indeed quite controversial in the world of surfing however in the Maldives; the tourism laws grant most resorts a boundary for privacy reason that often includes the surf break. Surfers have flocked to the resort to surf ‘Lohis for many years however on island surfer numbers have spiralled out of control and the break was fast losing its reputation as a desirable location.

Mr Mohamed Lantra, General Manager of marketing at Adaaran Resorts was quoted the following when questioned about limiting surfing numbers. “With regard to the surf operation, the company has taken a decision to manage it well and uplift the standard of the Lohis surf break as well as the property as such, we have appointed World Surfaris to manage the surf operation. The above decision was taken after reviewing for almost 2 years and to maintain discipline among surfers. No surfers will be allowed to surf ‘Free’ at Lohis without a paid surf pass”.

The new surfer package will limit surfers on Island to a maximum of 35. The lucky 35 surfers at the resort can also sample the other North Male’ atoll jewels with guided boat trips to the 6 other breaks within 30 minutes. Right pits at Cokes or warm water J’bay at Jails, all within 20 minutes from the resort. Resident surf guides Richard & Amy Kotch are thrilled by the development.

“Quite simply, Hudhuranfushi is the best place to be based for a surf trip in the Maldives. ‘Lohis’, the island left that is exclusive to Hudhuranfushi guests is one of the most consistent in the world, for 8 months of the year there is a rideable wave pretty much every day of the season. Managing surfer numbers on the island means that you can surf perfect, uncrowded waves in paradise without the hassles that we’ve seen developing in previous years. It’s an awesome initiative by Adaaran Resorts!” Richard said.

The new surfer package will also include the addition of two new local expert guides. With four guides on the island, surfers and visitors can expect to receive the best possible service and care throughout their stay.

With the new package only recently released spaces are wide open for the 2014 season March – October. With only 35 surfer spaces available for sale to surfers all over the world, a space in the line-up at Lohi’s break will become highly sought after.

The surf package is only available through World Surfaris and affiliate agents. So, if you’re chasing uncrowded waves in the beautiful Maldives in 2014, you must act now.

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